Una out and about!

Seems @UnaHealy has been spotted out and about with Aoife Belle!



Forgetting the small fact that we can’t see the baby in these pictures of Una Healy from The Saturdays – and we really want to see the baby, we love a cute baby – these pictures make us very happy.

Una was pictured going for a walk near her house in Bedfordshire (always makes us think of Bridget Jones) with baby Aoife Belle in a pram. And she was looking super-slim (how do they do it, seriously?) but not too thin, in that celeb way that worries us.

Una was smiling, but we’re not sure whether that’s because:

1. It was sunny (she tweeted that ‘This sunshine is incredible!! Loving it! (So is Aoife Belle although she is in the shade!) X’)

2. She had a new baby

3. She was so relieved not to be giving birth any more

4. She knew she was looking pretty hot

5. Her fiance’s really hot

Yes, there are a lot of reasons why Una Healy could be very happy at the moment.

Source: 3AM (Mirror)

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