The Saturdays reveal their US Plans

British band The Saturdays have revealed their plans to take over America.

But there’s one thing they aren’t about to do in their quest for success. – and that’s go on a diet. In fact the bemused quintet say that they ‘don’t know what size zero is.’

The chart-topping band are media sensations in Britain, where newspapers follow their every move

In the U.S. they are yet to find fame. But they hope that is about to change.

The glamorous five, consisting of Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Humes,have been surprised by just how intense the focus on looks is in America.

‘I don’t really know what size zero is,’ says blonde Mollie. ‘Is it when they look like they’ll snap? That’s really not attractive!’

Frankie admits there are some differences in cultures.

‘Everywhere you go, people are body conscious… I’m body conscious. Everyone in LA works out all the time and I don’t, I love to eat!’

While Vanessa reveals: ‘Me and Frankie said we’d go to the gym here every morning, but we haven’t been once! I’m not a morning person.

‘As a band, we don’t motivate each other… I’d never say “Get down the gym, Frankie!” If you want to eat a bagel, eat a bagel!’

Mollie adds: ‘I admire Blake Lively’s body, she’s got a healthy, curvy body, and quite athletic looking.’

And Rochelle added: ‘The biggest difference in LA is how well groomed everyone is,’ she said. ‘I’m from Essex and I’m used to seeing well groomed girls, and I love a blow dry myself. But its so much more here in America, men and women.’

The Saturdays have been spotted attending the same Pilates classes as American pop sensation Miley Cyrus who has recently shown off a new, more toned figure.

‘I’ve never done Pilates,’ admits Mollie, ‘But we’ve all seen the recent photos of Miley, and she’s got really toned and lean and looks so healthy right now. Frankie does Pilates all the time and can get her legs up behind her neck, probably!’

The gorgeous group was photographed here enjoying a break from filming their latest music video in Los Angeles.

The Saturdays are flattered that Americans are already comparing them to 90s band The Spice Girls, that famously featured David Beckham’s wife Victoria.

‘At home we’re compared to Girls Aloud, but here in the States it’s the Spice Girls,’ explains Frankie.

‘We’re a bit like them, because there’s five of us. But how can you ever compare to their success! I was obsessed with them!’ adds Frankie, who was discovered by Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, who recruited the teenager to his pop group S-Club Juniors 11 years ago.

Their manager, Peter Loraine of Fascination Management, explains: ‘Very few British girl bands have made it in America, the most recent were the Spice Girls, and we hope the Saturdays will be the next big thing in the States.’

The girls have dominated the UK charts since 2007 with eleven top 10 singles and three top 10 albums, and over 3 million albums and singles sold. And now like Baby, Scary, Ginger, Sporty and Posh, they have now set their sights on the US of A.

‘I’ve been very nervous about coming to America,”’says Mollie, the only single girl in the band, who was recently linked to Prince Harry.

‘I’ve just been worried about leaving my Mum and dog. But I’m so excited. Ever since we started, we’ve said we want ‘world domination’, and now it’s happening!’

As well as filming music videos, the band has been tailed by US film crews, much to the surprise of the American public.

‘Right now, no one knows us,’ admits Vanessa, ‘but perhaps that’s about the change. It’s nice right now! Paparazzi follow us and all the Americans in the street are like, ‘who are these girls?’’

Rochelle, who has literally left her brand new heart-throb husband – R&B star Marvin Humes – back in the UK, has love on her mind and says: ‘I miss my husband loads.

‘I left our honeymoon to come straight here, but I’ve always been a career girl and Marv knew that from the start.

‘We’re very much in love and he’s so excited for the Saturdays being in America. But we are on the lookout for an American man for Mollie.’

Mollie, who has been single after splitting from top male model David Gandy, confirms she is looking for love Stateside.

‘Of course, American men do interest me!’ she says, wearing a yellow and grey top from Lavish Alice with high waisted denim shorts. ‘But to be honest, I don’t mind where they’re from, I just want a nice one.

‘We met a guy I thought was handsome on the music video shoot recently, but he said we were dressed like hipsters.

‘I asked what he meant, and he said, “you dress like my Mum”. He kind of blew it. I haven’t met many boys, I’ve been too busy working.’

Irish singer Una, meanwhile, has bought her beautiful baby Aoife Belle with her.

‘I’m lucky my mother is here to help,’ she says. ‘I don’t have six nannies, just my mother. It’s comforting to have my baby and mother here – that stops me feeling homesick. But of course I miss my husband, Ben.’

The beautiful baby was reportedly very well behaved on the transatlantic flight.

‘She slept on the entire flight,’ says Una, who was showing her support for the U.S. in a pair of American flag denim shorts from Lavish Alice. ‘We were in business class and everyone was groaning about the prospect of sitting next to a crying baby.’

But as soon as the 5-month-old was onboard, she had her bottle and fell straight to sleep, says her proud mother.

Meanwhile, Rochelle says that breaking America isn’t just about reaching the top of the charts.

‘We would never sing lyrics like “Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me”,’ the singer explains,

‘We’re different – we’re best friends, we want American girls to want to be mates with us.’

They have hopes of American chart success, and the opportunity to collaborate with their musical heroes. ‘Performing with Jay-Z would be amazing,’ says Rochelle.

But apart from missing their lovers and partners, the Saturdays admit that they are homesick for good old British foods: “I miss Marks and Spencer’s chocolate éclairs,” says Rochelle.

‘I buy a pack of four and I usually eat all four! American cakes just aren’t the same.’

Source: Daily Mail

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