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2013, a reflection.

I sometimes post these (personal) reflections to the site, and sometimes I don’t, but as I feel 2013 was an interesting year I’ve decided to post an abridged version. Please note this is my personal view, you might agree, or disagree with it. That’s fine, it’s not supposed to start flame wars or twitter battles, it’s just one fan’s opinion.

I think its fair to say that 2013 was a mixed year for the group, it came with great promise (and success) initially, then they split the community, then brought it back, then came the album ….

Obviously the start of the year was all about ‘What About Us’ and when it’s UK release finally happened in March 2013, the girls shifted 114,000 copies (the biggest one week sales of the time) and gave the girls their first number one. There was great excitement ahead. The girls obviously followed this up with ‘Gentleman’ which I still to this date, believe it was the RIGHT thing to attempt to do. There are many complaints that the group doesn’t connect with the public at whole, so they decided to change it and try something different. This ultimately failed, but I am probably one of the few people who was actually glad to see them try something different. The issue with Gentleman is ultimately more down to its lyrics (yes, you know the ones) and THAT video which was a little disappointing wasn’t it?

This didn’t really stop the girls, they still performed at major summer shows, on the main stage at V Festival, plus several headlining shows across the summer from  Scarborough in the far North East down to the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

Disco Love was released, which saw the girls return to their more known-pop routes which was followed by the album ‘Living For The Weekend’ which despite being a pretty decent release, it’s lack of decent promotion and follow up to it’s release has seen it struggle to sell only 20,000 copies and fall off the UK Album Chart – although they aren’t alone as many pop albums released in the last few months have suffered the same fate.

What does 2014 bring? I know over Christmas there has been (unnecessary fuss) over the 2014 Tour. We all know its been coming and dates will be announced shortly. I’ve always seen it as an Autumn/Winter 2014 tour anyway – but we shall see. Rumours recently have suggested that another single from the album is showing up on release schedules. Not Giving Up is being touted to be released (right now) in March.

If people ask me what 2014 will bring, I’m on the side that a Greatest Hits (or even maybe a ‘Singles Collection’) sort of album will be released, and therefore a tour will be named the same, which will include the usual 3-4 new songs to go with it. It’s very similar to what Girls Aloud did mid-career, and it seems The Saturdays are going down a similar route. I might be way off the ball park, but people ask what I feel and this is what I feel.

I’ll end by saying thank you to all of the girls, this year we managed to get all 5 girls to follow us on twitter, and also will like to say thank you to Adam, Sarah (and Peter, although we’ve yet to meet) at Fascination Management who have been great to us this year, and hopefully we can continue together (in a way) in 2014 too!

Happy New Year to all our visitors, old and new, we celebrate our 6th Birthday in April, which is amazing!

Rochelle – Strictly Come Dancing 1

Hope your Christmas Spirit is in full swing!

This evening our lovely Rochelle appeared on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, you can check her out below:

What do you think of her moves? If you missed Rochelle and the rest of the girls performing ‘What About Us’ on Top Of The Pops, scroll down for that one 🙂

Una confirms tour is planned for later in 2014


There has been a lot of twitter rumblings that the girls where set to announce or even put on sale a tour over this Christmas period – mainly due to the competition to win a Pair Of Tickets/Meet & Greet with the girls with their twitter competition. Since then the girls have been confirmed to be playing 3 summer shows in June …

Una has been talking to the Irish Independent about the girls plans for 2014, and although she confirms the girls will be touring in 2014, it sees it might be later in 2014 as they want to give time to Frankie’s return and so that she’s not leaving new-born Parker behind too early.

The Saturdays’ singer Una Foden has said the band will be back out in force at the end of 2014.

The five – Una, Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Humes and Vanessa White – recently appeared together performing on Strictly Come Dancing.

But Una said that Frankie – mum to new baby Parker – wouldn’t be back properly until later next year.

Parker’s only six weeks old, so while Frankie was happy to come back for that performance, she’ll only back with us properly in 2014,” Una said.

Asked about rumours that the band would soon embark on a tour, she said: “We won’t be going out just yet, as we’ve only just had Frankie back performing with us.

“But we’re looking forward to getting back out there in 2014. We’ve mentioned a couple of shows that we’re doing in the summer, and we are definitely touring, but it will be later in the year.”

Una was the first of The Saturdays to have a baby – but she’s now been joined by Frankie and Rochelle, who had her baby in May.

“We would never sacrifice our personal lives for our careers, or vice versa,” Una said, adding: “We’re so lucky that we can combine both, and we’re very supportive of each other.”

The Irish singer said that, at first, the band were worried about individuals doing their own thing but that now they felt free to try new stuff.

“We didn’t want to do anything else (individually) too soon in case it looked like we were stepping away from the band, but we’ve been together now for six years, and it’s something we feel comfortable doing alongside the band,” she said.

I know the mailer is indicating that the tour is ‘soon’, I’ve always said IF its an arena tour (which it has to be, surely?) a group like The Saturdays will need 6months+ selling time anyway. I’ve always seen the tour to be a late summer/early autumn affair (So say Sept/Oct) so an announcement in January, allowing 6 months odd worth of sales, all sort of fits in. I’m only saying this from experience, not with prior knowledge.

Una, Mollie, Rochelle, Tour?

Hey all! It’s been hectic at work the last week or so, so haven’t got around to updating the site. Remember to follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk for any breaking news 🙂

The girls are seemingly on their Christmas Break’s now, we don’t expect any major news until the new year now, we might be wrong, but it would be strange for any major news over a holiday period. I know a lot of twitter talk has been about a tour announcement on Xmas Day, it’s possible but most tour venues and e-mail promo shots have now ended until Jan 10th, so it wouldn’t be the greatest time to announce one but you never know.

I was at the WeLovePop Club last weekend, and had a word with Adam, who was very keen to play Not Giving Up, so maybe a early hint? We shall see!




We start some Saturdays news that Una has confirmed she is taking part in the new series of ITV’s Splash! With Tom Daley by posting this picture:

Splash starts on ITV1 in the new year. We will have Una’s appearance on the site for you to view 🙂







Mollie and Jordan when Ice Skating in London the other day. I’ve posted a few pictures of them on the ice below! Mollie seems to keep going to places the day after I’ve been there, next time Mollie text me so we can co-ordinate times 😉

Talking Tours again, I leave you all pondering this ….

Summer Shows – 2014!

There is also an East-Coast Live taking place in Ipswich on Saturday 28th June, same lineup which includes our girls.

Got any plans for June 2014? Well if you do and live in the North East or South West, you might want to replan …

The Saturdays have been confirmed to be part of two big summer shows, South West Live! and North East Live! will both have performances from our girls.

South West Live! takes place at Weston-Super-Mare Beach (T4 At The Beach anyone) on Sunday 29th June 2014, and includes performances from The Saturdays,  The Vamps, Jessie J, Union J and Jason Durelo.

North West Live! takes place at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light on Sunday 22nd June, with the same line-up as above.

More acts are to be confirmed, tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.  Tickets for Sunderland are Reserved seats are priced at £25 and £45, unreserved seats and pitch standing is £35, with Golden Circle £60.

No pricing has been made available for the beach, although I doubt they will be seats!


Morning all. Hope you enjoyed the girls performance on Strictly Come Dancing last night, if you missed it or just want to watch it again, scroll down and hit the play button 🙂

This morning we start with the news that Una has signed up to appear on the ITV show Splash! Mentored by GB Olympic medallist Tom Daley, the show sees celebrities ‘learning’ to dive. (Yes that’s it!) As they dive from the lower springboard onto the higher 5m or 10m platforms. We all know Una is a swimmer, but is she also a diver 😉

Obviously nothing has been confirmed yet, but we all know how these Internet rumblings work!


What About Us – Strictly Come Dancing

No no no, don’t panic. This isn’t a throwback thursday or a flashback friday or anything like that, this is from tonight!

The Saturdays (Including Frankie, welcome back Frankie!)  hit the BBC Strictly Come Dancing floor to perform their number one song ‘What About Us’ You can catch the performance below:

Please if you want to use the video, please use the embed links on Vimeo and link back to this site, or if that is far too much hassle just link back to this post and the site will do the rest. Make sure you tell us what you thought of the performance via Twitter @TheSatsCoUk or via Facebook or Google+