September 2015 …

Hey all, for those who are still visiting here in the hope of something magical and new and exciting.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet, but in all honesty there isn’t much to talk about …

  • Vanessa has signed up with new management to manage her solo career
  • Mollie has signed up with new PR, whom we presume are there to help her with her fashion and solo career (that still isn’t happening, is it Mollie? 😉 )
  • Rochelle will now be gracing our TV every weekend for the next 4 months on the Xtra Factor
  • Una has also confirmed she plans to go solo, but the group haven’t split up …
  • Una has been confirmed to be returning to The Voice of Ireland

I think that basically sums up the last 5 weeks. Lots of mumblings about solo projects, but nothing actually being released and unless something happens in short notice, I don’t think anyone is expecting anything to be happening soon either.

As I said we (as the site) aren’t going anywhere, but on the flip side I won’t be updating the site for every tiny bit that the girls do, like taking the dog for a walk etc. All that will be on our twitter, so make sure you follow us on @TheSatsCoUk

Those expecting new music from The Saturdays, I personally wouldn’t expect anything until mid-late 2016 at the going rate as any solo music seemingly won’t be out until the New Year (if we are lucky), and if there is still a pop music market in late 2016, or even demand for Girl Groups then that is anyone’s guess.

Either way chin up, and if anything does happen I’ll sure bring it to you!

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