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Hey Hey!! Its Roch back again!!

Wow, where do I start?! So much has happened since last time I wrote one of these!!

We have made our very first video – yippee…we had so much fun, it was a very long day but we enjoyed every second of it!! I had to get up at 5.30 in the morning so I didnt look too pretty, but thankfully we had an amazing Glam Squad on hand! We all felt like Super Stars for the day!!

Its really starting to feel like our hard work is paying off. We all just kept saying “I can’t believe we are finally making a video”. Now everyone can see exactly what we have been up to all of this time!!

It has to be said we have had the best week, making a video and performing at the o2 Arena, both amazing experiences in themselves!

Last night we made our debut at the o2 Arena and we all really had a chance to soak up the experience!! I just kept thinking…’Oh my goodness, the Spice Girls and Justin have performed here!!!’. I kept having to pinch myself to check it was real!! The o2 is officially the biggest place I have ever seen – the crowd goes on for miles and miles… all I could see were lights!!

We are performing there again tonight and I have my family and friends in. They are more excited than all of the band put together! My Mum is making a banner as we speak (cringe).

I hope you are all keeping well….Thanks for all of the lovely messages you have been sending to my Myspace. If you have any questions just ask!!

I’d better go and pack, because we travel to Cardiff tonight after the show!

Take care!!

All my love!!



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Una Blogs


Una here in Brighton!

Hey guys and girls!

Today we travelled from London to Brighton for the next show. It was such a beautiful hot day, but unfortunately we didn’t get to spend any time in the sun:( Arriving in Brighton for the first time and I have to say it is so lovely I will have to come back here sometime to visit for a short break!


Our hotel is right by the sea and jammy Mollie got the room with the sea view and a balcony! Myself and Frankie are sharing and we have no balcony…. but we do have a view of ASDA! haha!!

But its all good, love it here! In our sound check there was a pigeon flying around the centre so I’m not sure if they managed to get him (or her) out in time for the performance! There was a really nice atmosphere in the venue and everybody was in great form. It must be the weather, it brings the best out in everyone and everything and everyone looked so tanned and happy, I love the sun! the show went really well. The crowd were fantastic too…so I really enjoyed it tonight! Looking forward to another day in Brighton tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

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