Behind The Headlines 2011

Behind The Headlines: Album Photo Shoot

The brand new @thesaturdays Behind The Headlines video is up on their official site at – this week’s video – which seems to be as short as ever – takes you behind the scenes of this weeks photoshoot for the new album. So pop over to their website and enjoy the new video! 🙂

Behind The Headlines: All Fired Up At Rehearsals

Make sure you catch it on their official site 🙂 Will make sure to get up a video of the performance tonight as soon as I can to see how much the rehearsals payed off 😉

Also, here’s just the performance on The Graham Norton Show they did a couple of weeks ago – unglitched. Credits to snoop for this 🙂


Behind The Headlines: Morning TV Madness & Sats In The Park

Reminder for our visitors – and ourselves! – that there are a couple new flips up on their official site, log in to see them! Last week’s one is Morning TV Madness and this week it’s Sats In The Park.

You can catch back the footage Matt has recorded from their ‘Morning TV Madness’ on this very site, watch the Notorious performance and a chat on Daybreak HERE, and the Interview on Lorraine HERE. And of course a couple posts below is the 4 songs they performed on T In The Park. We hope this will keep you busy for the rest of the weekend unless you had other plans of course 😉

Behind The Headlines: ‘All Fired Up at the Summer Show Rehearsals’ 1

This week’s behind the headlines sees @TheSaturdays takes us behind the scenes as the girls prepare for their busy schedule of summer shows and festivals. The girls talk about rehearsals and the forthcoming December tour and sing a bit of Alicia Keys ….

As always you can view this video on their official website at

We hope everyone had a good time yesterday fighting for tickets for the ‘All Fired Up’ tour if you didn’t manage to get them in the pre-sales. The tour is looking good already, with a catwalk to get the girls closer to the fans and the promise of flying as well … if you don’t have tickets remember you can still buy them, see the previous posts for more information about the tour 🙂

Behind The Headlines: Calendar 2012 Photoshoot 1

This weeks brand new @TheSaturdays ‘Behind The Headlines’ video sees the girls on this weeks shoot for the 2012 Calendar … they do know its only June right?! 😉

As per the request from Universal Music you can catch the video on their official website at –  enjoy 🙂

Behind The Headlines: Behind The Scenes at SYTYCD 1

@TheSaturdays Behind The Headlines this week takes you behind the scenes of last week’s performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance – which you can watch over and over (and in HD) right here

You can catch this weeks video below:

We’ve been kindly asked by Universal Music NOT to rip the videos from their website anymore, so we’ve used the embed link and you can view it above, or alternatvely you can view it on their all-brand new official website

Our ALL NEW website will be launching shortly, so keep an eye open for that, more details on that shortly!