2013, a reflection.

I sometimes post these (personal) reflections to the site, and sometimes I don’t, but as I feel 2013 was an interesting year I’ve decided to post an abridged version. Please note this is my personal view, you might agree, or disagree with it. That’s fine, it’s not supposed to start flame wars or twitter battles, it’s just one fan’s opinion.

I think its fair to say that 2013 was a mixed year for the group, it came with great promise (and success) initially, then they split the community, then brought it back, then came the album ….

Obviously the start of the year was all about ‘What About Us’ and when it’s UK release finally happened in March 2013, the girls shifted 114,000 copies (the biggest one week sales of the time) and gave the girls their first number one. There was great excitement ahead. The girls obviously followed this up with ‘Gentleman’ which I still to this date, believe it was the RIGHT thing to attempt to do. There are many complaints that the group doesn’t connect with the public at whole, so they decided to change it and try something different. This ultimately failed, but I am probably one of the few people who was actually glad to see them try something different. The issue with Gentleman is ultimately more down to its lyrics (yes, you know the ones) and THAT video which was a little disappointing wasn’t it?

This didn’t really stop the girls, they still performed at major summer shows, on the main stage at V Festival, plus several headlining shows across the summer from  Scarborough in the far North East down to the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

Disco Love was released, which saw the girls return to their more known-pop routes which was followed by the album ‘Living For The Weekend’ which despite being a pretty decent release, it’s lack of decent promotion and follow up to it’s release has seen it struggle to sell only 20,000 copies and fall off the UK Album Chart – although they aren’t alone as many pop albums released in the last few months have suffered the same fate.

What does 2014 bring? I know over Christmas there has been (unnecessary fuss) over the 2014 Tour. We all know its been coming and dates will be announced shortly. I’ve always seen it as an Autumn/Winter 2014 tour anyway – but we shall see. Rumours recently have suggested that another single from the album is showing up on release schedules. Not Giving Up is being touted to be released (right now) in March.

If people ask me what 2014 will bring, I’m on the side that a Greatest Hits (or even maybe a ‘Singles Collection’) sort of album will be released, and therefore a tour will be named the same, which will include the usual 3-4 new songs to go with it. It’s very similar to what Girls Aloud did mid-career, and it seems The Saturdays are going down a similar route. I might be way off the ball park, but people ask what I feel and this is what I feel.

I’ll end by saying thank you to all of the girls, this year we managed to get all 5 girls to follow us on twitter, and also will like to say thank you to Adam, Sarah (and Peter, although we’ve yet to meet) at Fascination Management who have been great to us this year, and hopefully we can continue together (in a way) in 2014 too!

Happy New Year to all our visitors, old and new, we celebrate our 6th Birthday in April, which is amazing!

Rochelle – Strictly Come Dancing

Hope your Christmas Spirit is in full swing!

This evening our lovely Rochelle appeared on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, you can check her out below:

What do you think of her moves? If you missed Rochelle and the rest of the girls performing ‘What About Us’ on Top Of The Pops, scroll down for that one 🙂

The Saturdays get festive in Bristol

Last night The Saturdays got festive in Bristol as they turned on the Christmas Lights at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway. (Yes I know its only early November!)

The Saturdays then began to fulfil their fans’ needs, starting with the well known song ‘Notorious’. They urged the crowd to dance along to keep the crowd warm from the cold. The Saturdays then continued with both recent and older songs such as ‘Higher’, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Ego’, ‘Up’, ‘Forever Is Over’, ‘Issues’, ‘All Fired Up’, ‘Disco Love’ and finishing with their first no. 1, ‘What About Us’. The Saturdays also treated one special fan by singing Happy Birthday, after seeing from a banner it was a female fan’s birthday. The girls accompanied some great songs with some great dance routines!

There’s a video on the ITV West Country website, (which is blocked for me at work so I can’t see what it is) but here’s a link to the article.


The Saturdays at V 2013!

As you are no-doubt aware, our girls opened the V Festival Main Stage this year! Channel 4 have finally shown some coverage of our girls at V Festival, you can catch a performance (and Interview) of the girls below performing their number one hit ‘What About Us’

Performance – What About Us


As always, PLEASE just link to this page, or embed the video via the options available on youtube and vimeo. Plus link back to this site – www.the-saturdays.co.uk – it takes time and effort to make these videos and it’s really appreciated if you link back to us.

We will be recording more of the coverage today so hopefully a few more songs will be shown, and we will update accordingly 🙂

Summer Time

As most of you are probably aware I work in a school, so August is the main time that I have off for summer holidays! Obviously we are around the time of Disco Love, the 17th single from The Saturdays. But little else is known (remember that the What About Us music video was filmed, what was eventually months before its release) so the same might be happening here.

As you might expect I might not be able to jump on the site, the second any news breaks about the song, so the best way to stay up-to-date with the site news is to follow us on Twitter – we are followed by three of the girls now as Una followed us last week. So join Vanessa, Mollie and Una and follow us on twitter. I will have my phone on me, most of the time, so anything that breaks is likely to be tweeted out before this page is updated.

We will be at two shows this August, we will be at Bluewater, Kent on 10th August, and also in Scarborough, North Yorkshire on 23rd August. We hope to see some of you at these shows, so please say Hi 🙂

The girls are obviously at V too, which is covered on TV, we are on holiday around the time of the V-Festival, so not sure on video availability right now, but we will obviously updated everyone about that nearer the time.

If you are also on holiday in August, have a great time 🙂

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