The Saturdays headline Wave 105 Live!

Seems @thesaturdays really have no plans to stop whilst Una has her little-un. Infact is Una even stopping? Either way The Saturdays are the first confirmed act of Wave 105 Live taking place at the Bournemouth BIC on Saturday 31st March! Tickets go on sale this Friday costing £17.50 plus all the normal booking fees etc.

Source: Wave 105

Tonight’s the night!

@thesaturdays All Fired Up Tour opens TONIGHT in Bournemouth! Can you believe the time has already come? Many of us all bought our tickets way back in the summer and thought these days would never arrive, but its now December, the 2nd of December, and the tour opens tonight!!

We are in attendance tonight, phone depending we might tweet a few images from the tour for those who are interested, so follow us on twitter @TheSatsCoUk if you want a sneak peak at what is happening in Bournemouth.

As per all their previous tours we will attempt to keep this news page as free from spoilers as possible for those who would rather wait. All tour news will be posted in the tour section, you can click the link on the right of this news item for all of that. If you are in attendance either tonight in Bournemouth or Liverpool tomorrow, make sure you send us in your reviews, all details are on the tour page, we publish every review we recieve!

If you are going tonight, then have a wonderful time, we will be!!

One Day to go!

We are just a day away now from the opening night of the girls opening night of their All Fired Up Tour! The stage will be prepped the girls will have the songs and dance moves embedded in their head, the dancers and band will be all fired up and ready to go!

Who’s too excited that they can’t sleep at night?! Can we join your club. We are in attendance tomorrow night, and at the second night in Liverpool as well – busy weekend for us! If you are going down we might even see you there!

All Fired Up Tour .. ticket availability

@TheSaturdays #AllFiredUpTour kicks off in Bournemouth in only a few days – we are all very excited to see the girls back live on stage again! But don’t panic if you aren’t going. We’ve spent a few minutes tonight looking at the ticket sites, and – in some venues – some very good tickets are still available. Sadly the tour hasn’t been heavily promoted but we can sure do our bit to fill up those arenas. So if you don’t got a ticket, have a look at some gems we’ve found!

There are still tickets available for the opening night this Friday. So if you live in and around Bournemouth pop over to Ticketmaster and buy yourself a ticket, some are only £21.45 so no excuses!

If you are in the Cardiff area, there are lots of tickets now available in Block 3, some only 10 or so rows back from the stage! Seemingly extra tickets have been made available here, so rush over to Ticketmaster and grab those before they are snapped up! 

If you live in the South and East, and missed out on decent Wembley tickets, then Brighton is your answer. Ticketmaster has close to 1000 tickets still available for the show next Tuesday, admittedly a few of these are up higher and in the corners but they are only priced at £21.45 each! Brighton Centre isn’t the o2 Arena or the Manchester ENA so you will still have a great view!

Those in the North-East up and around Newcastle might be interested to hear that Block A tickets are available for the show in Newcastle! So if you’ve not got tickets for your show in and around the Newcastle area now is a good as time as any to pop over to Ticketmaster and pick up a seat or two!

If you aren’t going and we’ve not covered your local venue we suggest you keep an eye open, as the tour dates get closer, venues often release good tickets. It’s still a great time to buy tickets to the tour event of 2011, don’t miss out!!

7 Days ….

@thesaturdays All Fired Up Tour kicks off in just seven days .. yes it is really only a week away when the girls hit the seaside town of Bournemouth to start up their new Arena Tour! Excited? We sure are that is for sure!!!

If you live in the south coast, and want to go, then don’t hang around, Tickets are still available, from Ticketmaster! You can even pick up tickets for as little as £21 via SeeTickets and you can pick up some tickets via the venue too

We hope to see some of you down there!

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