The Saturdays’ Girl-On-Girl Kiss

The Saturdays told about one night when there was more than just sisterly love in the band.

Una put her hand up in our chat with the band and admitted to trying to snog Vanessa on a night out, which Vanessa remembers more clearly.

“Yeah Una tried to one night,” Vanessa revealed.

“She was a bit drunk and she really tried to, and there were all these paps outside and she’s going, ‘I just love you so much, come here, come here’.

“And I’m thinking, right she’s definitely trying to kiss me in front of all these paps.”

“She missed out, she definitely missed out,” Una added.

And then Rochelle revealed photos to us of what appears to be Frankie and Mollie sharing a snog, but all is not as it seems.

“The reason Roch took the picture of Frankie and I is because we were both like, ‘I wonder what we look like when we’re going in for the kiss’,” Mollie explained.

“You know when you go in to kiss your boyfriend you will never know what you look like,” Frankie added.

“And Mollie said, ‘I wonder what you look like when you go to kiss Wayne?’ I don’t know why she was thinking that, but we thought we’d give it a go!”

Source: CapitalFM

Reminder that the girls are doing a LIVE Webchat this evening on CapitalFM – you can catch all the action via the CapitalFM website from 7pm

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Rochelle talks JLS engagement rumours

@rochellethesats talks to CapitalFM about Marvin and those engagement rumours …

With constant rumours that Rochelle from The Saturdays is about to get engaged to Marvin from JLS, Roch told she wanted to clear up those stories.

“Everyone that’s with their boyfriend in a serious relationship, if their boyfriend said lets get married, you know you’re not gonna be with them if you’re not, you know…” Rochelle told us.

And as for snooping around under the bed for engagement rings, Rochelle says that’s a total no-no.

“I always think it’s something you should never ask and  never talk about,” the ‘All Fired Up’ singer explained.

“When it happens it happens, and I don’t like to talk about it ’cause you can jinx stuff in life.

“When your other half, not just me I don’t wanna talk about myself, but your other half thinks it’s right and they want to propose to you they will do that.”

Source: CapitalFM

[Updated] The Saturdays with Rich Clarke 2

The Saturdays drop by to see Rich Clarke in the Capital studio to celebrate the release of new track Notorious.

The girls reveal all the details about when the track was recorded and how it became the new single. Band member Molly (It’s Mollie; CapitalFM – Matt) also reveals exactly how many Saturdays songs she has on her ipod! #dedicated

‘Notorious’ is taken from the girls brand new album due for release later this year.

Update: you can listen to the interview below on Soundcloud.
[] The Saturdays – Capital FM by TheSatsCoUk

Source: CapitalFM

Remember Notorious is OUT NOW – Click here to purchase from iTunes!
Click here to watch the debut performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance! – Now in HD! 🙂

The Saturdays are Sexy Secretaries 1

The Saturdays Una Healy is getting men everywhere excited about their new single and video.

Notorious is out next week and the Irish star was more than happy to promote the single at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere in London last night (Thursday 12.05)

“I’m so excited for it to come out, we’ve been over in L.A. shooting the video and it was recorded quite a while ago but its not going to come out until next week. We know people have heard snippets and we just can’t wait for people to hear the whole record, see the video and get out there and perform it.

“I’m not allowed to talk about the video too much but the pictures of us dressed as secretaries is a clue.” added Una.

Una also revealed that she jumped at the chance of attending the Pirates premiere “I’m really here to see Jonny Depp. He’s (boyfriend Ben Foden) fine with that, I’ve never got a chance in hell with Jonny Depp anyway so it’s alright”

But Una ruled out any role for her on The X-Factor in 2011, “Definitely not, no, I don’t have enough experience to judge people yet.”

Source: CapitalFM

Jingle Bell Ball – chance to Win

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The Saturdays set for Jingle Bell Ball

London’s CapitalFM has confirmed that The Saturdays will form part of the second night of their Jingle Bell Ball 🙂 The annual event takes place at London’s o2 Arena as a big pre-christmas party event.

Flo-Rida has also just been confirmed to be taking part, so maybe we are gonna get a live performance of Higher featuring Flo-Rida too 🙂