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Dyslexia Action – It’s Me Choice Awards 2012!

Hey TeamSats its that time of the year again! Remember last year everyone got together and voted Mollie as an inspirational person who has dyslexia, well that time of the year has rolled around again! The organising people have said that previous winners can be nominated again! So you know what that means, it’s time to get voting!

Voting is a little different this year, last year seemed to turn into a spam-a-thon on twitter, so this year it seems you are only able to vote in two ways, you can vote via their website and via their facebook pages

So if you see Mollie as an inspirational dyslexic person then get voting. Remember you can vote more than once, so keep on voting! 🙂

It’s Me Choice Award Winner ..

@MollieTheSats unfortunately couldn’t attend the awards this evening to accept her award in person, but she did leave a lovely acceptance speech which you can watch below:

Once again, we are proud as a website to have helped contribute to allow her to achieve this award, and thanks to everyone who actually took time out to vote for her – we thank each and every one of you individually 🙂

It’s #missionmollie time

It’s time for #teamsats to start #missionmollie for @MollieTheSats

We call upon every member of TeamSats to vote for Mollie for the Dyslexia It’s Me award, to vote simply copy/paste the tweet below and tweet it (or create your own, but remember to keep the important bits in!)

@dyslexiaitsme I nominate @molliethesats Mollie King for the #itsmechoiceaward! #missionmollie

You can also e-mail a vote for mollie to [email protected]

and also “Like” their page on facebook and leave a comment on their page to vote for Mollie

You have a whole month to vote, and thats not just voting once now and forgetting, vote daily, vote several times a day – a lot of other people are for other acts – so we need to all vote for Mollie as much as we can. So remember to vote vote and vote again 🙂

We’ve setup a support Facebook for our missionmollie appeal, you can like this and also join in the voting via @mollieitsme on twitter

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