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Disco Love Live on Paul O’Grady

This afternoon The Saturdays went into their ‘long dresses’ wardrobe and performed Disco Love on the first episode of the new series of The Paul O’Grady Show. As always you can catch this performance below.


The girls where also added today to Free Radio Birmingham’s Free Radio Live 2013, sadly the event is basically sold out (unless you want to stand), this is in addition to their shows in Scotland and Leeds this festive season.

Walk with Mollie, Westfield and more

Firstly we start with the news that our very own Mollie is doing a charity auction with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London. Highest bidders will win a full half hour with their favourite dog loving celebrity, and the walks will take place in the relaxing surroundings of Battersea Park, close to the iconic south London rescue that has cared for 3.1 million dogs and cats.

All money raised is being used by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home who help thousand’s of homeless dogs and cats ever year.

You can bid on the event via the official site, as of time of posting Mollie’s 30min walk is currently standing at £510, so it’s probably out of most of our visitors reach, but I would expect Mollie’s walk to raise close to, or over £1000 🙂

The girls are performing on TV! Yes (I know!) the girls are seemingly set to perform Disco Love on the new series of The Paul O’Grady show, they are on next Monday (11th November) from 5pm. All videos will be on the site after it airs 🙂

Yesterday the girls launched their new Nokia deal. As we reported a while back, you can be in with a chance of seeing The Saturdays in a concert in February next year. There are only 20 winners, and to be in with a chance you must buy a mobile phone from the Carphone Warehouse range, including the Nokia Lumia 520. I know this has caused quite a mixed reaction within the fanbase. I’ve added a few pictures below.

Site News: I know our gallery is a mess, I have an idea to resolve it but its very time consuming, and I honestly don’t have the time to source pictures anymore along with everything else. If anyone out there wants to help and lend a hand then please contact me via e-mail on [email protected]

We’re back!I

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates last week, I was on half-term so was having a bit of a break from everything last week, but we are back now. The site was also offline this morning, a software update automatically happened overnight and seemingly didn’t fully complete and knocked the database server offline, but all is back now. Sorry for that!

We start today with the news that the new album Living For The Weekend has dropped to 61 on the UK album charts, only 3 weeks after release, we are all a tad concerned by this. Hopefully the girls will respond with something soon – well could be sooner than expected, as the girls are on the new series of The Paul O’Grady show, NEXT MONDAY (11th) at 5pm on ITV1. The ITV press-release states ‘Music From The Saturdays’ so they are performing something … hopefully even if its not the next single, it’s something from the album to generate some public interest. Videos will obviously be on the site after it airs 🙂 – Update. As I was typing this their official twitter tweeted they are ‘bringing some Disco Love’ so I guess that answers the question.

The girls are only hours away from a signing in Westfield London – yes a SIGNING PEOPLE – sadly they are only signing postcards, and I assume if you can throw down the £100 (plus credit) for a Nokia Lumia they might sign that too! If you are around and want to say hi to the girls pop down to the Carphone Warehouse there, apparently there isn’t too many people down there (as of 4.10pm) so it’s a good chance to say hi, even if you (like a lot of people I’d imagine) aren’t too fussed about the phones on offer. Remember IF you do buy a phone you enter the draw to the exclusive mini-concert with the girls next year.

Apart from that it’s all a little quiet, Frankie has been out and about with Wayne and Parker (as any new-mum would be!), Mollie has been partying with a Pussycat Doll and Rochelle and Una continue to be mums. Oh and Vanessa was partying it up at Halloween!

Hopefully we will hear news of the next single, give us your opinion on what you would like to hear via twitter! We always like a good discussion with the fans!

Until tomorrow … 🙂

Live Lounge!

Hi all. Sorry for the late update on this, this obviously happened yesterday whilst I was at work then I rushed out after work to the Arsenal game (Who I must admit did play Disco Love at half-time!) Video on our twitter and Instagram.

Yesterday our girls hit the BBC Radio 1 Studio’s to perform on their Live Lounge series, they performed Disco Love and a mashup from Drake/TLC/Destiny’s Child. You can relive the performances via the BBC Radio 1 website – yes these are videos!!

The Alan Titchmarsh Show – 16th October

Today the girls appeared on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, which included an Interview, some Roller Skating and of course a performance of Disco Love, you can catch these below. Remember the girls new album, Living For The Weekend, is OUT NOW! Pick up a copy from iTunes (or your local music store!) now!

Performance: Disco Love




Roller Skating

Living For The Weekend – OUT NOW!!

Firstly, a HUGE Congratulations to The Saturdays for Disco Love. It entered the UK charts this evening at Number 5! Amazing, well done to the girls, and obviously everyone who supported it! 🙂

Secondly, not that you needed reminding but the girls AWESOME new album, Living For The Weekend, is NOW OUT in the UK!

You can grab the standard album, for just £6.99 on iTunes, and the deluxe album for £9.99.

Standard Release – £6.99

1. What About Us (feat. Sean Paul)
2. Disco Love
3. Gentlemen
4. Leave A Light On
5. Not Giving Up
6. Lease My Love
7. 30 Days
8. Anywhere With You
9. Problem With Love
10. You Don’t Have The Right
11. Don’t Let Me Dance Alone
12. Somebody Else’s Life

Deluxe Release – £9.99
All the tracks above, plus:

13. Wildfire
14. What About Us (Album Version)
15. What About Us (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit ft Sean Paul)
16. Gentleman (The Alias Radio Edit)
17. Disco Love (Wideboys Radio Edit)
18. Not Giving Up (JRMX WeLovePop Radio Edit)
19. What About Us (Music Video)
20. Gentleman (Music Video)
21. Disco Love (Music Video)

Happy Birthday Una!

Firstly a huge happy birthday to the lovely Una! From everyone here at the Saturdays Fansite, and our lovely visitors! We hope you have an awesome day 🙂

Secondly good news for everyone outside the UK & Ireland, The Saturdays have confirmed that the new album is being released globally!

‘Living For The Weekend’ Album will be released on October 14th everywhere except:

October 11 – New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa.
October 16 – Japan
October 18 – Australia
October 22 – US and Canada

Pre-order ‘Living For The Weekend’ (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes: http://po.st/LFTWiTunesDLXws
Pre-order ‘Living For The Weekend’ (Standard Edition) on iTunes: http://po.st/LFTWiTunesWS


’Disco Love’ single – OUT NOW everywhere except:
October 14 – France
October 18 – Australia
October 22 – US and Canada

Download Disco Love on iTunes: http://po.st/DiscoLove
Download the ‘Disco Love’ Remixes EP on iTunes: http://po.st/DLRemixes

Great news for the International Team Sats, make sure you get your orders (or pre-orders) in NOW!!

Disco Love – This Morning

This Morning the girls appeared on … This Morning .. they had a chat (video coming soon) and performed the new single Disco Love, which you can view below:

Update: Sorry something went a little wrong, this is what happens when you leave technology to get on alone, it should now be working …

I do have the Interview, but it will take me time to get it off my TiVo, I also need to do 3-4 hours worth of revision this evening, as my exam is this Friday, so as you can appreciate that is my primary concern right now, but for now enjoy the performance (sorry for the breakup at the start!)

Disco Love – the new single – is OUT NOW! Click the links below to buy!! 

Disco Love – Single (Only 99p!) Download Here! (Blue Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes EP – Includes TWO B-sides (On The Radio, Love Come Down) – AND a remix – all for just £1.99! (Red Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes – Includes THREE remixes – £1.99 (Yellow Cover)

Disco Love is taken from the BRAND NEW ALBUM, ‘Living For The Weekend’ which is OUT NEXT WEEK! Grab that whilst you are at it, the standard album is JUST £6.99 or grab the DELUXE album, which has over 20 different items, for a bargain £9.99

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