Congrats to Frankie & Wayne

Today Frankie announced that herself and Wayne have got engaged! According to the Daily Mail, Wayne proposed to Frankie on Saturday and she obviously said yes!



I’m sure everyone here wishes Frankie and Wayne many congratulations on their engagement, and brings the number of Saturdays girls married, or engaged up to three. Who’s next? Gary and Vanessa, or will Mollie surprise everyone?

Happy New Year!

Is it just me or has 2011 come and gone in a blink of the eye? It only seems like yesterday that everyone was getting excited about the Headlines tour, rumours about a new album and what 2011 had in store for our lovely ladies. I think it’s fair to say 2011 was a generally successful year for the girls, the only minor inconveniences had to be the chart placements of My Heart Takes over and On Your Radar, but apart from that the year as a whole was pretty successful. Two tours, ending with the awesome All Fired Up Tour which was the girls first headline arena tour. The release of their new album On My Radar – which is a solid album – just for whatever reasons the girls have struggled to increase their fan base or have managed to alienate the ‘floater’ buyers who haven’t (yet) picked up the album. Either way I’m sure their management are looking at the stats and details that we don’t have and are working on a plan for 2012, talking of which …

What is lined up for the girls in 2012? We gaze into our crystal ball, which is awfully cloudy, and guess the following MIGHT happen …

– We could expect to see another single from On My Radar, what one? Who knows, but if Una is going to be involved in the promo she’s not going to want to be dancing around, so maybe a ballad?
– Common sense suggests that there will be an album release sooner rather than later. You can probably flip a coin right now if this is likely to be a re-release of On My Radar or another album type release – Greatest Hits anyone?? – Which means they could promote a new single without Una’s vocals heavily included.
– More engagements? What with Una and Rochelle getting into the sprit this Christmas who’s next? Frankie? Mollie? Place your bets now …
– More babies?
– Was all this talk about the USA just talk? Or will they actually go about it? Or will the not-so-great chart placement of On Your Radar in the UK, and the baby, change all those plans?

Musically 2012 could be another sparse year for The Saturdays, I’d imagine the girls will continue to record during 2012, maybe we’ll see new-new material by the years end, but I think the levels of promo that they did throughout 2011 will be unlikely what with Una wanting to spend time (and rightly so) with her baby, if she really wants to tour up and down the UK across the summer festival season is a decision that only she can their management can make, although the girls as a 4 piece are likely to do some promotional work for any likely single/album releases if its on the same scale as 2011 is up for debate.

Either way, we personally thank you for ALL your support to this website during 2011, with our competitions to meet the girls on the Headlines Tour at the start of the year, though to the All Fired Up Tour that only recently ended, without you guys and girls visiting it would make our work pointless.

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year! 🙂

– The Saturdays Fansite Team xx


Rochelle Engaged :D

Wow it’s all go this festive season! Firstly Una announces her engagement to Ben at Wembley Arena, now Rochelle has taken to twitter to announce her engagement to Marvin from JLS:

Its official Marvin proposed 2me 2day,wanted 2 tell u b4 some1 else did!SO excited 2 b Mrs Humes.x 

Huge congratulations to the newly engaged couple! 😀

Una’s announcement of the engagement with Ben

First off congratulations to them! With Una pregnant this was really the only right thing left to do! I wish them all the best 🙂 Below, and warning that this IS a bit of a tour spoiler perhaps (but then again it is over so), is a video of Una’s announcement on stage at Wembley just under a week ago, followed by a performance of “Wish I Didn’t Know”. (bit of a strange song choice perhaps after the announcement as I’m sure her and the crowd are thrilled to know but … LOL)


Thanks to the people in the chitchat box for pointing me out to this video 🙂

Rochelle talks JLS engagement rumours

@rochellethesats talks to CapitalFM about Marvin and those engagement rumours …

With constant rumours that Rochelle from The Saturdays is about to get engaged to Marvin from JLS, Roch told Capitalfm.com she wanted to clear up those stories.

“Everyone that’s with their boyfriend in a serious relationship, if their boyfriend said lets get married, you know you’re not gonna be with them if you’re not, you know…” Rochelle told us.

And as for snooping around under the bed for engagement rings, Rochelle says that’s a total no-no.

“I always think it’s something you should never ask and  never talk about,” the ‘All Fired Up’ singer explained.

“When it happens it happens, and I don’t like to talk about it ’cause you can jinx stuff in life.

“When your other half, not just me I don’t wanna talk about myself, but your other half thinks it’s right and they want to propose to you they will do that.”

Source: CapitalFM

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