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Wildfire … wildfire

the_saturdays___wildfire_cover_by_gaganthony-d6bjlsaPicture from GaGaAnthony via DevianArt

We are alive, promise! It’s just silly time, where members are seemingly saying they aren’t going solo, and then 3 hours later are posting pictures from recording studios … magical all this and its not a case of Black Magic (we hope!)

Anyway, here’s a post that celebrates how decent Wildfire actually is …

Still one of the best parts of the tour too!

Win a 2015 Calendar (and more!)

Hey all! Welcome back – I know we never left.

Just a quick post to say I’m back from my tour exploits. Thank you to everyone who popped up and said hi, I felt like a bigger celebrity than the group at times. Was lovely speaking to you all, no matter how long or short it was. It’s really nice to see faces behind the twitter accounts and thanks for all your kind words, it is really appreciated. 🙂 Also thanks to the girls for putting on great shows in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Brighton! If you are off to your first show tonight in Bournemouth of Plymouth tomorrow you are in for a great time that is for sure!

We will slowly be back in full update mood shortly, the tour is almost over – but don’t cry – Frankie (and Strictly Come Dancing) starts THIS FRIDAY! – and we have the small matter of a new album … nothing is ending in The Saturdays world …

To celebrate we will be giving away a BRAND NEW 2015 Calendar, now how exciting is that! Details on that by the end of the week!

Also check out our gallery (I know its not the greatest looking thing!) but I’ve added some recent pictures from the tour and the girls out and about in-between the tour dates!

[Ended] Greatest Hits LIVE! – Glasgow Opening Night


The Saturdays are hitting the stage in Glasgow for the opening night of the Greatest Hits Tour. As we promised to keep everything off the front page – we will. Hit the news item after the break to get LIVE INFORMATION from the tour!!

The show has now ended. The tour setlist is on the tour pages. For those who don’t like spoilers I’ll remain quiet but there are some purely epic moments on this tour!

UK Official Charts

Today the Official UK Charts are announced, so we are waiting for confirmation on the new single, What Are You Waiting For? and the new greatest his album, Finest Selection!

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What Are You Waiting For? has officially entered the UK charts at number 38. This (goes without saying) is the girls worse performing single, which was previously Work which entered at number 22 in June 2009. It is the girls 18th consecutive Top 40 single.

Finest Selection the girls first Greatest Hits album has entered the UK album chart at number 10.

As soon as we find sales information we will update this post accordingly.

Welcome to The Saturdays Fansite

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve decided to give the site a bit of a makeover, it’s still a bit work in progress, but finding time to spend on getting everything ready has been proving difficult, working full time and living my own life, and then having to keep the site up-to-date its all a lot of time and effort, so rather than saying with the classic ‘On Your Radar’ look from several years ago we’ve gone live tonight with the new look. The new look is more dynamic than the last, so it should fill your computer screen better. It’s also a tad more dynamic for mobile devices, but we are working on a proper mobile look – many of you have noticed a slight change on that front – again this is a work in progress, changes will keep happening (and hopefully for the better!)

I will take this opportunity to thank you for visiting, be it since we launched in 2008 or if this is your first visit here. We are glad you’ve decided to visit us. I also want to personally thank Kieran (@TheSaturdaysNo1) for making the lovely banners at the top, we hope he can bring us more over the coming months 🙂 We also like to thank Manuel (@Saaaturday) for making the site logo 🙂

Apart from the layout change, nothing else is new. It’s still just me (Matt) working on the site with help from some very good friends now and again, but as cheesy as it sounds without you guys and girls visiting it’s pointless us being here!

As I promised on Twitter we are running a few competitions to celebrate the relaunch, they will be up before the weekend 🙂

PS What Are You Waiting For, and Finest Selection are out now!

How to support the new single and album.

Single – What Are You Waiting For?

The brand new single from The Saturdays – What Are You Waiting For – is OUT NOW! Due to changes in the UK singles chart you are now able to support the song in additional ways. We all appreciate that a lead single with an album out the next day presents a lot of problems with sales but please make sure you can do the following:

1. Buy the single from iTunes – just 99p! You can also download it from AmazonMP3!
2. Buy the EP from iTunes – £1.99 Again this is also available on AmazonMP3

Hit play above to listen to the song on Spotify, if you don’t understand the new UK chart rules on streaming please read below.

In a major change to UK charts recently, legal streaming also counts towards the UK charts, this has already been a proven affect on songs which have had decent sales but low streaming and have therefore charted lower than expected. Under UK chart rules 100 streams of a song (you must listen to the song for AT LEAST 30 Seconds) counts as ONE extra sale. Only streaming from the following services count (youtube doesn’t!). Most of these offer basic free services (or even a trial) if you live in the UK we strongly suggest you pick one (or more if you really want) and give What Are You Waiting For a play. A good system would be to BUY the song on iTunes but then STREAM the song from Spotify that way you are supporting the song twice. Remember every 100 plays = one sale.

I’ve linked to all the streaming sites below. They ALL count simply choose the one you personally prefer. It might be worth checking existing accounts, for example EE 4G customers can get Deezer on your mobile devices for FREE. Vodafone4G customers can get Spotify for free etc. Spotify has FREE accounts, Napster has a 30 day FREE trial, o2 Tracks also has a FREE subscription model. Links to the individual services: SpotifyDeezerNapsterO2 TracksXbox MusicSony’s Music Unlimited, rara

This page will be updated with Spotify embed links once the song is available in the UK then you can just come back here and hit the play button!

Album – Finest Selection – Greatest Hits

Sadly streaming the album doesn’t add to sales, so its the old fashioned way here:

1. Buy the album from iTunes. Deluxe Edition and/or Standard Edition
2. Buy the album from Amazon  Standard Edition and/or Physical CD
3. The super Fan edition from the Official Universal Store

You might also be presented on iTunes to ‘complete my album’ and get the Greatest Hits for a much reduced price. I’ve spoken to the official charts people and they confirm buy doing this your purchase DOES count as a album sale. So please use complete my album if you want to get it cheaply. If you like to buy multiple copies to support the girls (I know some of you do!) then buying the physical CD (or fan edition) and then completing the album on iTunes for say £4 might be an option to get two sales.

This post will be constantly updated, if you know of other ways drop us an e-mail or twitter message and we will update 🙂


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