News Roundup – 6th November 2012

Hey TeamSats! I know its been a while since the last update, as a lot of you know I work at a school so last week was half-term so I was enjoying a nice break from the madness, but all is back today and I come with an update!

The main news stories over the last few days is that the girls are flying back to the UK this week – tomorrow I believe – so the current part of the US adventure seems to be over. The girls have been busy recording the last few days and have completed the photo shoot for the new album. This is all very exciting, but I’m sure they still have a bit of work left to do in the UK finishing off any recording that they have done with their UK production teams. A few major Christmas Shows are starting to be announced and the girls haven’t been mentioned to appear at any of them yet, so it’s (sadly) looking increasingly likely that we won’t get any true promo of the new single until January either, but if it is out in January like the girls keep saying fingers crossed for the music video this side of Christmas!

The girls have obviously been out and about the last few days too, our gallery has been updated with the latest pictures in HQ so you can view some of the recent events there, including dressing up as Devils at the Maroon 5 halloween party, shopping in Beverly Hills and Performing their debut US concert at the Roxy. You can see more HQ, unaltered pictures in our gallery. Link at the top!


Christmas Lights & Halloween

@thesaturdays hit Oxford Street and the shoppers this evening as the girls switch on the famous Oxford Street Christmas Lights, the event is due to start at 5pm outside Marks & Spencers .. so afterwards you can pop in and pick up some food as well! Hopefully Frankie will rejoin the girls this afternoon as everyone is missing her!

The girls promo for ‘My Heart Takes Over’ and ‘On Your Radar’ should hopefully pick up soon (it is awfully quiet at present – or is that just me?) The dancers have also started their rehersals for the ‘All Fired Up’ tour which is only a month away … how excited is everyone for that?!

We got a competition coming soon – details shortly – probably one for our female visitors tho! Plus we got another Interview coming up soon as well!

Hope you all had a good Halloween, here’s a ‘scary’ looking Rochelle to start your Tuesday off with a bang!


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