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Starstruck up in the air

It’s back to our second favourite day of the week – Friday! Nearly the weekend, and maybe some nice news in the mailer .. or maybe not? Either way I would love to bring you all the news you’ve been waiting for be it the tour, or the premiere of ‘Bigger’ which still hasn’t happened (yet, wasn’t it supposed to be this week?), or promo news or anything – it’s just a little quiet, maybe the quiet before the storm?

Either why Frankie has been out and about enjoying the sunny weather with Parker yesterday, the dailymail kindly take to saying that she is ‘overdressed’ – I mean seriously, its sunny here this morning but it was also 4c in the shade, I’m not getting the shorts out thank you DM!

Frankie and Photoshoots

It’s Monday, oh how we love a start of a new working week!

Firstly we start with the news from twitter this morning that the girls are having yet another photo shoot, for a yet unknown project. We are all assuming that the photo shoot several weeks ago was for the tour, which we’re expecting an announcement for within the next 4 weeks or so, but what can today’s shoot be for? Answers on the virtual postcards please. Could be another tour related shoot, could be an album photo shoot (the girls have been recording – again) could be a nice magazine shoot for a some nice Not Giving Up promo.

If yesterday was a Mollie day, today is a Frankie day as she had a well deserved night out on Saturday night at Kelly Brook’s bar Steam & Rye and the Chakana club.

Not Giving Up – Extended Version

I know they have been posting various remixes recently but this one is more interesting (I think) here this the official 12″ Extended Mix of the new Single ‘Not Giving Up’

Not Giving Up is released on April 6th (digitally) and April 7th (CD) pre-order now!


Hey all, hope you are all well. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been a bit bogged down with work, plus it’s all gone a little quiet since the music video premiere, but seemingly a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff is going on.

Firstly I’ll start with a debate that occurred over the weekend, regarding the tour. Apparently the tour has been loaded into the computer systems, so expect an announcement shortly, but rumours are rife that it’s a Theatre Tour due to take place in September, but others are saying that’s a load of rubbish, so rather to wade head first into the debate, lets not just wait and see? Just remember not all theatres are small, the girls stage for the All Fired Up Tour was recently used at the Hammersmith Apollo for The Big Reunion concert, but alas not all theatres are built alike!

Una on twitter yesterday was mentioned by one of the producers with the production team the Tracklacers (Promise Me, Wish I Didn’t Know) and today Rochelle has talked about ‘Studio Times’ so maybe a new album – or the expected Greatest Hits Package – is in early production stages.

The music video for ‘Not Giving Up’ has been on youtube for a week now, and has over 700,000 views to date, not a bad start! Now if 10% of those people buy the single …

Not Giving Up Pre-Order NOW!


Update 2: The single is back up for pre-ordering now.

Update: I assume all this went live too quickly on the Universal Store and seemingly it has now been removed from the store. All the information below (and the CD Cover above) was found on the Official Universal Music Store at the link below. I assume everything will be back once the official announcement takes place, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later now that we all know!

Wow this is an amazing birthday present, on our 6th birthday, The Saturdays are releasing their new single ‘Not Giving Up’ The single is due out on Monday 7th April which suggests the digital release will be on the Sunday 6th April. Includes the new b-side ‘Bigger’, and a single mix of the single:

01 Not Giving Up (Radio Mix) 3:19

02 Bigger 2:50

03 Not Giving Up (Karaoke Version) 3:19

04 Leave A Light On (The Collective Radio Edit) 3:57

You can pre-order the SIGNED copy NOW from the girls official store!! SO get ordering!!

So what is happening?

Last night the girls official twitter, tweeted this:

Although it wasn’t a very early night for some as about 25mins later, both Mollie and Rochelle tweeted about their evenings.

Speculation is rife that it’s tour related, is that realistic? I understand why people say it’s for the tour, but we’ve been waiting for the ‘soon’ tour dates for months and months now and they’ve only just got around to planning a photo shoot for it?

Or is it just a bit of overhype for what is the single related photo shoot? Or an album re-release photo shoot?

Answers on a postcard please, or via twitter.

Next Single: Not Giving Up

No don’t panic it’s not a case of déjà vu here. What we’ve all expected has now been confirmed (again) that the next single is Wildfire … No sorry I mean Not Giving Up. I’ll get Frankie explain:

According to the mailer, the video:

It’s gonna have a sleek, futuristic look to it and it was directed by an amazing, really talented director who shot some of our fave vids of 2013.

So all that leaves is a tour announcement. So we when is that coming girls 😉

Next single: Not Giving Up

In next months Cosmopolitan Magazine there is a feature with our very own Mollie. The magazine hits the shelves next week (I believe). But the main talking point is at the end of the article it says:

‘The Saturdays new single Not Giving Up is out in March.’

I’ll stick my head out and say the mailer tomorrow will confirm this, the girls has the fitting for the video yesterday, it is scheduled to be shot next week.

Ok .. so the mailer said nothing. The flip hints the next single is ‘Leave A Light On’ … but Cosmo have PRINTED at the next single is ‘Not Giving Up’ surely they’ve not told a magazine (and therefore a bit of promo) one thing and doing something totally else … but then again this is The Saturdays. We will know more next week.

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