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Chart Update and Lets Do Lunch!

Firstly the important news, Gentleman has been revealed in the midweek chart update from Radio 1 to be at number 8. We have another Top 10 single on our hands, and is roughly where I personally thought it would chart. The concern is that we are slipping on iTunes, so we need to get the sales up. I’m sure you have bought the EP from iTunes so please go and pick up a couple of remixes, or the remix EP and help the girls maintain their Top 10! We don’t need the follow up to a number one single not reaching the Top 10 now do we?

Also today Mollie and Vanessa appeared on the ITV1 show ‘Lets Do Lunch’ you can catch the video below:

Or watch via our YouTube Channel here

As per-usual feel free to use this video on your own sites/blogs just use the embed code on Vimeo or Youtube and link back to this site 🙂

30 Days – Official Chart Update

In days gone by we basically had chart updates almost daily, but it seems The Official Charts Company haven’t taken too kindly to this and now getting information is harder. We found out yesterday via twitter that as of sales from Sunday-Monday 30 Days was at number two. This afternoon BBC Radio 1 updated everyone on the current chart positions, I assume from sales from Sunday – Tuesday and they have placed 30 Days at number two!!

We can push the single more everyone, make sure you spread the word, and get everyone downloading it, links are on the right side of this site! Go go go!

30 Days is ONLY number 8 on iTunes, we need to raise it higher. Get buying the EP here then buy those remixes too! Buy them one at a time so you will get 4 sales for the group, plus the EP = 5 sales 😀 go go go!

Source: BBC Radio 1

Tuesday Chart Update

@thesaturdays are currently sitting at Number 9 on the UK Singles chart with their new single ‘My Heart Takes Over’, this doesn’t mean we can sit there and be all happy, it is only Tuesday and we still haven’t got the single inside the Top 10 on iTunes just yet (it’s currently number 13) ..

So make sure you keep buying the single, the links below take you directly to iTunes and Amazon. Remember that downloading each song INDIVIDUALLY counts as 1 sale (rather than the bundle) so if you like a couple of remixes, buy those remixes one at a time rather than the whole album, you’ll give the girls more sales.

Those on Vodafone can also buy the single from their phone – 99p – by texting MUSIC to 97613.

Come on TeamSats lets work together to keep this single in the Top 10!!

My Heart Takes Over – iTunes (£1.99)
My Heart Takes Over – Amazon MP3 (£1.69)
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – Amazon MP3 – £1.99
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – iTunes – £2.49
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – Amazon MP3 – £5.34
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – iTunes – £5.94

Notorious: In Free fall

The LACK of promotional activity from @TheSaturdays is hitting Notorious, and BADLY. Early chart sales for this week already have it down at number 23, at this rate by the time the promotional activity hits up again around the time of the physical release the song will be way out of the charts.

As the group aren’t doing much promo at present its up to us – the fans – to keep the promo up, the ONLY sales source at present is on iTunes and other digital download sites, so make sure you get everyone buying it! Also contact your local (and national) radio stations and make sure they keep playing the song!!

Chart Update: It wasn’t meant to be.


We at The-Saturdays.Co.Uk regret to inform you that “Work” has already started a chart fall.

Digital Spy reports that “Work” is nowhere in the top 30 according to the midweek chart. This more than likely means their peak position will remain at 22. Of course the death of Michael Jackson has sent a ripple through the charts, him posthumously controlling more than a fourth of the chart.

Remember: These are the midweeks. They are not set in stone. You can change it by buying their single “Work” in Itunes, Amazon, or HMV.

Chart Update: “Work” Moves Up Chart, Barely.


Good/Bad/Depends on How You Take It News:

In the midweek charts (according to Digital Spy), the single is in the #25 – #30 range. This could mean a 1 – 5 spot chart jump. Not very impressive by The Sats standards.

Good/Wonderful/Amazing News:

These results are based on legal digital downloads alone. The official, physical release is on June 29th, 2009. Which means…(Drum roll)…We should expect higher numbers when the actual single debuts.

Wanna buy the single? Go pre-order it now* at Amazon.com here.

*By “now”, I mean on Monday because if you buy this week, it doesn’t count on the charts.

Early Chart News – Number 9!

Early UK chart news places The Saturdays debut single at number 9!

Obviously if you haven’t bought it, then why are you waiting? Download it from iTunes and pop into your local HMV and pick up a copy!

If This Is Love is currently the 11th most downloaded song on iTunes, lets raise that!

Update: Apparently the song is 1,900 copies off number 5 and if downloads didn’t count on the UK charts they would actually be number 2 – therefore downloads (or the lack of) are hurting the group badly so make sure everyone you know downloads it too! – LEGALLY!!

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