Saturdays jet out to LA

@TheSaturdays – minus Una as she cannot fly with her baby bump! – have jetted out to LA for ‘meetings’. They’ve had a couple of these meetings and have been in the studio as well back home in the UK, so the girls are doing all but kicking back and relaxing! Of course we can’t be sure what this trip to LA is for – but presumably if you are going over there (and it’s quite a long flight!) it won’t be for chit-chats. Let’s hope it’ll distract Mollie a bit from her recent break-up, altho I always find she’s such a positive person I’m sure she’ll be just fine with the surroundings of her bandmates 🙂

If you want to read more about the dramas – but really my text up above sums it up – and some nice pictures you can go to the post Dailymail made for it – I’m sure Claire will be adding pictures to the gallery as well tho so keep an eye out on the gallery or our Twitter @TheSatsCoUk for updates on that!

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