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[Updated] Frankie on “The Door”

Frankie is appearing on an ITV show called “The Door” … I won’t spoil about what happens but the videos will be appearing on the site shortly … stay tuned …. 😀

Warning: The program does contain scenes that younger viewers or those of a sensitive nature might find offending. Swear words are “beeped” out.

Update: Added the 4th and final part with Frankie in … enjoy!
Part 1:
[viddler id=5a9d2fb1&w=545&h=349]
Part 2:
[viddler id=4534c28&w=545&h=349]
Part 3:
[viddler id=66563f3&w=545&h=349]
Part 4:
[viddler id=84e1545a&w=545&h=349]

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