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The girls hit the X-Factor (?)

@TheSaturdays are set to perform on the X-Factor on November 20th .. sharing the show with Rihanna according to reports in the media.

Global superstar Rihanna will be making her annual performance on The X Factor later this month, it has been claimed. The ‘Only Girl’ hitmaker will be singing her latest track alongside The Saturdays on the November 20 results show.

It’ll be the first time the girl group have performed on the show, singing new single My Heart Takes Over and prompting their arena tour this winter, XFactor Updates reports.

We can’t wait to see Una and her baby bump, but we’re not sure about Frankie’s live singing (The Saturday’s member and X Factor contestant!)

Meanwhile Rihanna will no doubt be putting on another raunchy performance after her ‘What’s My Name’ during last year’s final caused hundreds of complaints.

Source: TellyMix

Edit: Please note we are mearly re-reporting what TellyMix are saying. ITV haven’t (yet) totally confirmed the show for the 19th/20th November as they are still hyping up this weekends show with Lady GaGa. When ITV release their press statement for the show 19th/20th we can totally confirm what is or what isn’t happening.

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Where’s Frankie, Girls?

A non-news item but as every newspaper/media is reporting this I’ll post it up here for everyone to have a laugh at ….

Ms Sandford seems to be MIA. Could she be about to leave The Saturdays? This would be bad news indeed.

Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Vanessa White and Una Healy all went for some vocal training yesterday.

But Frankie was noticeably absent from the group.

Worringly, it’s not the first time this month that The Saturdays have made an appearance sans their short-haired friend.

Last week, the girls paid a visit to a Marie Curie hospice in Solihull, but Frankie sat it out.

It’s understandably started rumours that all might not be well within the group.

They’ve already reassured fans that they’re not splitting despite Una’s pregnancy, but could they be planning to continue on as a foursome?

It’s like Robbie Williams leaving Take That all over again. Or Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls. Our nerves can’t take it.

Source: Sky Living

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DigitalSpy Interview

Here’s an Interview with @TheSaturdays from DigitalSpy

Having notched up a mightily impressive eight top ten hits over the past three years and two sell-out tours, The Saturdays have emerged as the only serious contender to topple Girls Aloud as the UK’s champion girlband. Little over nine months after theirHeadlines! mini-album, Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle are now pushing forward with the release of their new single, ‘Notorious’, as well as gearing up for their third (fourth?) studio album. Excited, we sat down with the girls to find out what else they’re cooking up in the studio for us.

What is you’re new single ‘Notorious’ all about?
Mollie: “It’s the first single off our fourth album and it’s really exciting for us. It’s obviously still pop, but it’s got more of a dance beat behind it. It’s about when you step on to the dancefloor and transform into a completely different person – when you turn into a bad girl!”
Una: “Dance is massive at the moment so it’s a dance track, but it also has something unique behind it. It’s got this drop-out chorus where it’s just the beat and you can only hear our voices – there aren’t many tracks like that, so it’s a bit different.”

Have you been pleased with the response to it?
Rochelle: “It’s been really good. We haven’t had one bad comment! It only got added to the music channels today and I think it’s already number two on this week’s top ten.”
Mollie: “It’s quite nerve-wracking though because we’ve obviously heard it for weeks now and we love it, so when you play it to the fans they’re going to tell you honestly and thankfully it has had a good response. As long as we’re keeping them happy!”

What can we expect from your new album?
Mollie: “We’ve grown up a little bit now and we’re starting to write a lot more. We’ve been doing this for a good few years so we have a lot to say! We haven’t finished the album yet so we’re still experimenting.”
Una: “We want to put out the best album we possibly can out we want it to be better than any of our other albums, so we’re going to record loads of songs and pick from them. We’re really part of the creative process this time.”

Is ‘Notorious’ indicative of the album’s sound?
Rochelle: “Not really. We love that song, but there are others we like that are a different style and so there will be some ballads on there. In terms of it being a step up, then yeah, definitely. It’s not all the same kind of feel.”

How much of the record are you writing this time?
Una: “We’ve been in the studio writing loads, but we’re also going to go somewhere quite remote for a week and just work on loads of songs together. We’ve probably written about five or six that we love and would like to see go on the album, but we know we can do even better if we just sit down and get the time.”

Click more below to read the whole interview. Remember Notorious is OUT NOW – Click here to purchase from iTunes!
Click here to watch the debut performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance!

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Debut Performance: Notorious – So You Think You Can Dance

@TheSaturdays performed the debut TV performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance this evening on BBC1, you can watch the stunning performance below:

Thanks to Marit for finding the HD copy 🙂

Notorious is OUT NOW on iTunes and other digital download sites, links over on the right, click and download, and support the girls!!

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What Goes On Tour Documentary

Finally it’s here @TheSaturdays #whatgoesontour documentary has aired, you can watch all FIVE parts RIGHT HERE on The Saturdays Fansite. So if you don’t live in the UK, or missed one, or want to relive it over and over this is your chance!! We hope you enjoy these videos!

Part 5 – Una  – Includes the performance of ‘Ego’ as filmed in HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London
[viddler id=96fb10f>&w=545&h=349]

Part 4 – Vanessa – Includes the performances of ‘Issues’ and ‘Puppet’ as filmed in HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London
(Also includes a brief appearance of me, Matt :$)
[viddler id=59536053&w=545&h=349]

Part 3 – Mollie – Includes the performances of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘If This Is Love’ as filmed in HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London
[viddler id=e75cf801&w=545&h=349]

Part 2 – Frankie – Includes the performances of ‘Work’ and ‘Forever Is Over’ as filmed in HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London
[viddler id=107bf6ef&w=545&h=349]

Part 1 – Rochelle – Includes the performance of ‘Higher’ as filmed in HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London
[viddler id=36e52750&w=545&h=349]

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Headlines Tour – Site Visitors Meet & Greet

A few other sites are doing this too, maybe we can all join up in a big #teamsats meet up.

Sadly tho, we are only in attendance at the London show, although if we could get tickets we could squeeze in the Brighton show too, obviously if people wanted to meet up there etc. Be a pointless trip otherwise!

If we can’t pull this off, we might ask some other sites who are doing this if they are willing to combine, I’m sure many people visit lots of sites anyway, so its not like this is an exclusive event 🙂

This is NOT a meet and greet with the girls, this is a teamsats get together before the London show in Hammersmith on the 17th February, friends, parents, sister, brothers everyone is welcome, not sure what or where we’d meet or what we’d even do, but I’m trying to gain numbers of those who would be interested in doing something.

We are meeting the girls at the London gig, so if we are allowed to give them presents/gifts/your messages then we will obviously do so 🙂 We’d clear this with their management/label first as well, so if you cannot win our competition we might still be able to give your presents directly to the girls 🙂 A good reason to bump into us before hand.

We’ll work out details later, but we would like to work out numbers etc. So if you would be interested in this drop us a message on twitter @TheSatsCoUK or drop me an e-mail on [email protected] and we’ll see what sort of numbers of people are interested 🙂

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