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Una confirmed as judge on ‘Voice of Ireland’

Seems the girls are continuing to move more and more into different paths, Una continues her TV roles by becoming a Judge on ‘Voice of Ireland’.

The Tipperary mum-of-one will replace Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan who departed earlier this year and will join Kian Egan and Bressie as well as a yet to be announced fourth judge.

Una who mum to two-and-a-half-year-old Aoife Belle  is pregnant with her second child by rugby hubby Ben Foden and will commute from London for the TV gig.

Una started out by competing in the Irish Popstars show and has had massive success with The Saturdays since they formed in 2008, selling over 4 million records in the UK and Ireland.

She also took part in Tom Daley’s diving show, Splash, earlier this year.

The Voice of Ireland returns to RTE in March next year by which time Una will have given birth to her second baby.

Singer and judge Jamelia is understood to have departed the show due to the expensive commute from London every week and her replacement, and fourth coach, has yet to be revealed.

Dolores announced she was departing in July this year, saying the commute from her Canadian hometown to Dublin was just too much.

Dolores, who has three children, Dakota, Molly, and Taylor, with hubbie Don Burton, was on the show for just one series and appeared to go down well with viewers.

She was credited with breathing a fresh lease of life into the show, which films in The Helix in DCU, after joining Niall Breslin, Kian Egan, and Jamelia in the rotating red chairs.

Despite admitting to never watching the show before becoming a mentor, the Limerick-born singer made it to the final stages with her talented contestant Kellie Lewis.


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Morning all. Hope you enjoyed the girls performance on Strictly Come Dancing last night, if you missed it or just want to watch it again, scroll down and hit the play button 🙂

This morning we start with the news that Una has signed up to appear on the ITV show Splash! Mentored by GB Olympic medallist Tom Daley, the show sees celebrities ‘learning’ to dive. (Yes that’s it!) As they dive from the lower springboard onto the higher 5m or 10m platforms. We all know Una is a swimmer, but is she also a diver 😉

Obviously nothing has been confirmed yet, but we all know how these Internet rumblings work!


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Chasing The Saturdays – Previews

Hey all! Just in case you had forgotten, ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ premieres TOMORROW on E! (USA) at 10pm! Excited much? Well we are very excited, and these previews make us EVEN MORE excited!

And here’s another video in the VEVO Lift series, this one allows you to get to know the girls, just in case you are living under a rock and don’t know who they are! 😉

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Hello America!


Yesterday our girls officially introduced theirselves to the US media with a press-conference for their new show ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ which premieres on E! in just 12 days!

Here’s a blogs take on the events and the press release for the forthcoming show:

The all-girl, five-member band is regular tabloid fodder overseas for their chart-topping hits, high-profile romances, and fashion and business smarts. E! cameras follow their infectious personalities and crazy schedules as they navigate Hollywood and the American music industry in the new reality series Chasing The Saturdays, airing Sundays beginning Jan. 20 on E!.

Their story began last summer, when The Saturdays — Mollie King (25), Frankie Sandford (23), Vanessa White (23), Una Healy (31) and Rochelle Humes (23) — headed to Los Angeles to work with Mercury Records and famed producer Rodney Jerkins (of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Spice Girls fame) on their debut U.S. album and promoting their new single “What About Us.”

Just a week after her highly publicized wedding to fellow musician and JLS member Marvin Humes, Rochelle Humes packed her bags and joined her BFFs on their three-month stay in Los Angeles. “We were excited to have someone document our trip because we only get the chance to try and crack America once,” Humes says.

The girls lived in an apartment block, where each girl had their own suite that connected to a communal area. “On the show you get to see all of that and our personal lives as well,” Humes shares. “There’s never an average day. We could be doing a photo shoot one day and the next day we’ve got the studio and then the next day we’ve got a show and then the next day we’re testing perfume because we are about to release a fragrance.”

Being famous, although not known in America, turned out to be somewhat of an awkward experience for the group.

“There are a lot of English paps [paparazzi] in America — they would know who we are, and they tend to photograph us because they know the pictures will sell back home. It’s a little awkward when someone will walk past and be like, ‘Who are these girls?’ It’s just really embarrassing. And they are like, ‘Who are you? Why are they taking pictures of you?’ And you would have to explain every time. Sometimes I would just pretend — ‘I’m not sure why. I’m from London; I don’t know either.’”

The Saturdays are hoping they took care of that issue when their series and their new single debut this month in America.

Also I forgot to mention yesterday the girls are set to perform at the Golden Globes After Party next weekend, they will be performing a 30min set for the party goers! I’ve added some pictures below of the girls out and about in LA yesterday.

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Chasing The Saturdays & What About Us

@TheSaturdays have been featured on the Ryan Seacrest website, as you know he is the host of such shows such as American Idol and also has a radio show in the US, he typically seen on major US entertainment shows on hosting duties.

He has posted a clip of ‘What About Us’ on his site along with confirming that the new US TV series, ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ will premiere on Sunday 20th January 2013!

Source: Ryan Seacrest

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News Roundup – 20th February

Quick news roundup as the press is still full of the girls trip to LA last week.

Many news stories seem to be focusing on the girls comments from last year, about them wanting to do a TV show in the US etc. The girls have been giving hints to what has been up – Gossip Girl anyone? – but it seems everything is rather speculation on behalf of the UK media at present rather than anything concrete. Either way the girls did seemingly have some meetings out there – despite the lots and lots of pictures of the girls in and around LA. We shall await and see what comes about of those meetings, and the day they spent in the dance studio too … notice how Get Ready, Get Set is now the music to the flips too … or are we expecting too much here?

Other news seems to be around Una’s tweet about it being the last weekend with Ben before the baby is due .. can we please remember that the Six Nations is still on-going and that the weekend gone was a rest weekend, so although we all know Una is expecting soon she did say she was expecting around Rochelle’s birthday so we could still be a month away there!

Una is spending time in the studio writing down songs, so it seems that despite a lot of us expecting the group to have a mini-break with Una’s new little girl on the way, we all might be very very wrong!

Oh .. and there is another wedding to talk about this summer too. Marvin spills some beans about the proposal to Rochelle and the plans they have for their wedding to Hello Magazine.

I was on a mini-holiday last week, so I know the poll has expired, expect a new one up very shortly as we match up the other music videos that won the poll and see who can be crowned the favourite music video of visitors to The Saturdays Fansite 😀

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