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Chasing The Saturdays (UK!)

Hey all! Hope you are all good, it’s another manic monday here at TheSatsCoUk! Anyone see Beyonce last night at the Superbowl?

Chasing The Saturdays is now available to buy on iTunes UK! Β£15.99 for the HD season pass and Β£12.99 for the SD Season Pass. Make sure you buy this, support the girls and leave 5* reviews πŸ™‚

Firstly if you did miss it, the girls had interview with CapitalFM last night and premiered the b-side to the UK release of ‘What About Us’ which is the theme song to Chasing The Saturdays ‘Somebody Else’s Life’ of which is the acoustic version. You can catch the song in the post below πŸ™‚

The Metro have seemingly stalked twitter last night to give the responce to Episode 1 of Chasing The Saturdays which aired on E! last night in the UK, sadly Episode 4 in the US didn’t air as it was Superbowl Sunday!

The BBC have added a story to Newsbeat from the girls (and a small video) of them talking about how the responce in the US has been ‘Amazing’

Chasing The Saturdays (UK!)

What About Us – UK Premiere


This morning our lovely girls appeared on the Radio 1 Breakfast show to premiere their new single ‘What About Us’ featuring Sean Paul. The girls also chatted about their new TV series, and Vanessa decided it would be a good time to spout out an inappropriate word live on air .. only Vanessa πŸ˜‰

I managed to record some of the live webstream of the girls (a couple of technical issues meant I missed the start) if BBC put up the entire video I will obviously replace it accordingly πŸ™‚

UK remember you can PRE-ORDER the new single ‘What About Us’ on iTunes NOW and grab yourself a signed copy via the Universal Store

According to various radio stations online the girls are doing a ‘radio day’ in London today so I expect a raft of UK media and press updates coming soon.

In other news, Rochelle has been shopping for baby clothes – according to the DailyMail – and apparently for girls clothes. Check out some pictures below.

What About Us – UK Premiere

Chasing The Saturdays – UK Premiere

We all knew it would be shown in the UK, it was just a case of when and where. E! have obviously decided to keep the show to theirselves and the UK premiere date is on Sunday 3rd February at 10pm which is only a couple of weeks after the US airing.

I know people are probably wondering when/if we will get the show online for those who aren’t in the US and want to see it before the UK premiere, can’t get E! in the US or UK or just don’t live in either country to watch it. We should have the show after it’s US airing but haven’t decided on a way to do this without getting the wrath of E! or the girls US and UK labels chopping off our heads. Please bare with us with this and we will update everyone soon πŸ™‚

Source: E! UK

Chasing The Saturdays – UK Premiere

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