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Frankie, Alaia-Mai and Gentleman

Happy Wednesday to you all! It’s the peak of the working week, the weekend is just around the corner! Our gallery was updated last night with lots of new pictures from recent events with the girls, make sure you pop over and take a look 🙂

We start up with Frankie, who has been speaking to Look Magazine:

Yep, the 24-year-old may have made her performance with her The Saturdays bandmates in front of the 80,000 strong crowd look easy, but she’s admitted there’s something else that’s got her feeling shaky – giving birth!

“I think it did really hit me when I went in to see Rochelle when she’d just had Alaia,” Frankie told LOOK. “I was like OK there’s actually a baby at the end of this so that was weird. No, it’s exciting too…”

But the Gentleman singer, who got engaged to boyfriend Wayne Bridge, 32, in April, has got pal Una, 31, to help her out – as she’s already been coaching new mum Rochelle, “I’ve been giving her loads of tips,” she said.

Gentleman isn’t released for another few weeks yet, but the girls have been speaking about how there is no pressure about it getting to the top .. seems a tad negative to me, but Mollie has said:

“We’re not really feeling the pressure with the new single,” Mollie King told Digital Spy. “It’s more excitement. We’ve had that number one which we wanted so much and now we just hope our music continues to do well.

“Coming off the back of a number one is always going to be tricky, but we all love the song and everyone really seems to be getting behind it. That’s the most important thing.”

Teasing news of their forthcoming album, Frankie Sandford said: “[It’s] pretty much done. We think it’s going to be out towards the end of the year. We really can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

“We’ve worked with some amazing producers and we’re excited to see what the fans think of it.”

Remember you can catch the girls most recent performance of ‘Gentleman’ at CapitalFM’s Summertime Ball on the CapitalFM Website

Finally, all together now, awwww:


The Saturdays on Monday

Hey all! It’s another Monday already, where are the days going too? Anyway I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I would like to report lots of new and exciting news, but sadly there isn’t much to report. Apparently Mollie is ‘off the market’ now – sorry boys and girls. No news how true (or untrue) the reports are as both camps are being very quiet, but either way that takes long-distance relationships to new levels!

Juliane has kindly e-mailed in more links from the girls recent trip to Germany, you can catch them over at PressePortal and E-Online (Germany) which is a perfect opportunity to use that GCSE you did in German – or if like me you did French, you might struggle to read it!

We will obviously do our best to keep everyone outside the UK up to date with what is going on in your country but its difficult for us to get links from non-english speaking countries. If your country has a Saturdays article we will post it, just e-mail it to us at [email protected] or tweet us @TheSatsCoUk and we will post it 🙂

In the UK, ‘What About Us’ drops to number 13 on its fifth week in the charts. This is possibly their strongest single to date in the UK spending 5 weeks in the Top 20 which is awesome, hopefully their next single will do the same, but there are rumours abound that we might be in for a little wait for this – probably due to the fact that Rochelle will be given birth shortly, only a minor inconvience 😉

Stay safe everyone and have a good Monday! 🙂

News Roundup with The Saturdays

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been rather manic at work (again) and the dreaded Uni deadline is also nibbling at my toes, so no rest for the wicked.

Firstly there are plently of articles around on how Wayne proposed to our Frankie, apparently the dogs where involved (and why not?!) as it wouldn’t be a Saturdays related event without a pet involved somewhere!

Una has been a-blogging again on Hello! about Frankie’s engagement and the girls recent visit to Germany, so make sure you pop over there and give that a read 🙂

A new MTV Show called ‘The Show With Vinny‘ is set to premiere on MTV US on May 3rd, The Saturdays are included on the guestlist for the show, no real further details yet but something to keep an eye on!

Sorry for the quick update, something more detailed to come soon!

What About Us .. Tuesday Update

Hey all! It’s Tuesday (Just in case you have forgotten) but today will mean we will get a sales/chart update around mid-morning. As most in the UK will know Ant & Dec’s performance of their 1994 single ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ has taken iTunes by storm and as of posting this (9.10am) its a good 27% ahead of What About Us on the singles iTunes chart. Obviously this doesn’t count sales of What About Us from remixes, the newly released version on iTunes without Sean Paul and EP sales. I was hoping that Ant & Dec would suffer sales from midweek onwards, but once the UK sees a ‘jokey’ number one everyone jumps on the bandwagon! We will see what the damage is later this morning. Either way its still good for everyone to promote What About Us!

Last night (boohoo) saw the LAST Episode of Chasing The Saturdays air on E! in the USA, Season 2, according to various reports is still being debated upon, but as usual here’s the final analysis after-show video:

Here are a few more pictures of the girls after celebrating their number one single, What About Us! I will hopefully get a gallery update soon with some new HQ pictures, keep an eye on our twitter @TheSatsCoUk for updates to our gallery!

Monday Roundup – Number One!

The news today is all about The Saturdays grabbing their first UK number one, and in the process becoming the biggest selling one week single of 2013! I’m sure you are all still bouncing as much as we are. The plus is all this positive news and media for the girls means we are still doing great on iTunes on our 8th day, but we have been overtaken at number one by a 1994 song from PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec) as they performed it on TV on Saturday, but maybe their sales will tail off as the week goes on! Either way if you’ve not bought What About Us, now is a good of as a time than any!

I think this sums up everyone last night:

Thanks Mollie!

Lots of people asking what is next for the girls, simply put they aren’t really stopping. Their sights are now on other markets and can now actually go to these markets and say ‘We’ve had a number one in the UK’ the near future the girls are performing in the UK, heading to Australia and obviously a little closer to home to mainland Europe, world domination is only a stones throw away.

But until then lets try and reclaim number one on iTunes shall we?

The girls perform at G-A-Y

Last night the girls hit the stage at London’s G-A-Y (to celebrate) their upcoming chart topper ‘What About Us’. Rochelle has confirmed that this was her last performance with the girls for a while as she prepares to give birth (so we will let her off!) you can check out a few pictures of the girls performing below, be warned, some aren’t wearing much!

What About Us with Sean Paul

Tonight the girls appeared on Alan Carr ‘Chatty Man’ and performed ‘What About Us’ WITH Sean Paul, catch this performance, and the interview with the girls below:
Remember ‘What About Us’ is OUT NOW in the UK so use the links on the right to get buying! The song is also out in the USA, Canada and in several European countries. Releasing in Germany (soon) as well as Australia (and elsewhere) as the girls go for global domination!

Performance – What About Us (with Sean Paul)


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