The Saturdays reveal their US Plans

British band The Saturdays have revealed their plans to take over America.

But there’s one thing they aren’t about to do in their quest for success. – and that’s go on a diet. In fact the bemused quintet say that they ‘don’t know what size zero is.’

The chart-topping band are media sensations in Britain, where newspapers follow their every move

In the U.S. they are yet to find fame. But they hope that is about to change.

The glamorous five, consisting of Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Humes,have been surprised by just how intense the focus on looks is in America.

‘I don’t really know what size zero is,’ says blonde Mollie. ‘Is it when they look like they’ll snap? That’s really not attractive!’

Frankie admits there are some differences in cultures.

‘Everywhere you go, people are body conscious… I’m body conscious. Everyone in LA works out all the time and I don’t, I love to eat!’

While Vanessa reveals: ‘Me and Frankie said we’d go to the gym here every morning, but we haven’t been once! I’m not a morning person.

‘As a band, we don’t motivate each other… I’d never say “Get down the gym, Frankie!” If you want to eat a bagel, eat a bagel!’

Mollie adds: ‘I admire Blake Lively’s body, she’s got a healthy, curvy body, and quite athletic looking.’

And Rochelle added: ‘The biggest difference in LA is how well groomed everyone is,’ she said. ‘I’m from Essex and I’m used to seeing well groomed girls, and I love a blow dry myself. But its so much more here in America, men and women.’

The Saturdays have been spotted attending the same Pilates classes as American pop sensation Miley Cyrus who has recently shown off a new, more toned figure.

‘I’ve never done Pilates,’ admits Mollie, ‘But we’ve all seen the recent photos of Miley, and she’s got really toned and lean and looks so healthy right now. Frankie does Pilates all the time and can get her legs up behind her neck, probably!’

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