VEVO, MTV, Chasing The Saturdays UK

Yesterday VEVO uploaded the second Ask:Reply episode which a few familiar names seem to be on there, even if they only answer a couple of questions. Shame really that they aren’t asking more but hey ..

The UK Media launch for ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ happened yesterday, I’m sure we will be hearing more from the UK press about the show as the premiere date gets closer. Seems MTV are too excited by the show and have already posted something about it! As have the usual newspiece for the girls in the UK the DailyMail

Rather than post both items here you can click through to read them, nothing too excited tho, just Frankie and Rochelle admitting that in more closer times with their parners they wouldn’t listen to The Saturdays. Anyway here are some pictures from the UK launch of ‘Chasing The Saturdays’

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