What About Us

What About Us – Strictly Come Dancing

No no no, don’t panic. This isn’t a throwback thursday or a flashback friday or anything like that, this is from tonight!

The Saturdays (Including Frankie, welcome back Frankie!)  hit the BBC Strictly Come Dancing floor to perform their number one song ‘What About Us’ You can catch the performance below:

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The Saturdays at V 2013!

As you are no-doubt aware, our girls opened the V Festival Main Stage this year! Channel 4 have finally shown some coverage of our girls at V Festival, you can catch a performance (and Interview) of the girls below performing their number one hit ‘What About Us’

Performance – What About Us


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We will be recording more of the coverage today so hopefully a few more songs will be shown, and we will update accordingly 🙂

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Whatever the weather

Hey all! We are now at Tuesday which means that we might get an unofficial chart update later this morning to how well Gentleman is performing. We snuck into the iTunes Top 10 last night, but have fallen out of it (just) this morning, we seem to be locked into a battle with those The Wanted boys over who wants number 10 on iTunes!

The girls hit MTV and Chart Show TV yesterday for a bit more promo – still wish the girls would do a major UK channel for promo to get the higher viewers – but this is better than nothing (surely?) and they are doing one of these Google Hangouts again today at 4pm for whom it interests.

I know a few people are all going ‘It’s another My Heart Takes Over’ well it surely won’t be THAT bad, I mean Gentleman is still Top 11 on iTunes and only just behind The Wanted, so adding in physical sales should see them go above them. It’s just a case of them (hopefully) maintaining this level of sales throughout the week.

I know its all a little underwhelming after the highs of What About Us, the 115,000 odd sales and a number one, but we need to take the rough with the smooth!


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Recording, Ben, Una, Mollie, FHM

The major news from yesterday seems that despite some ramblings that the girls new album was basically finished, the girls spent yesterday in the recording studio recording with DJ Fresh. With the wide variety of producers that the girls have used, all of whom produce different styles of music, its hard to pinpoint what the final album might actually sound like!

In other news in the annual FHM Top 100 ‘sexiest’ – UK – two of our girls managed to get into the Top 100! Mollie was voted the 18th ‘most sexiest’ followed by Frankie who was voted the ’37th’ most sexiest.

Ben Foden has been talking to ‘Attitude’ magazine and has been talking about how he picked Una after ‘spotting her on television’ – lets hope it was a little more romantic than that 😉

Talking relationships there is a (awful lot) of media interest in Mollie and Jordan, seems a tad over the top to me, but hey thats the media for you. And apparently Mollie’s ‘friend’ has said that she was ‘feeling lonely’ being the only single member … not quite sure what ‘friend’ goes to the media but hey!

For those wanting to hear the girls interview in Ireland on TodayFM, you can listen to it here – thanks to Jennie for the link 🙂

Those awaiting a video for ‘Sweat The Small Stuff’ it should be on the site later this evening 🙂

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What About Us on The Voice

It’s Monday again! The girls appeared on The Voice (Ireland) yesterday, you can catch the performances from the show below, including the performance of ‘What About Us’

You can catch the performances of Issue and Una performing with one of the finalists here.

Make sure you tell us what you thought via our twitter page @TheSatsCoUk

The girls are also performing at the Sony Radio Academy Awards on the 13th May, alongside Robbie Williams!

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Frankie in OK Magazine, Australia

Hey all! Hope Monday treated you all well, its now Tuesday so we are one step closer (haha) to the weekend

Frankie is in the new OK Magazine talking about her engagement to Wayne:


Not too many details on their site, so you will have to rush out and buy the magazine, it also says ‘Interview with The Saturdays’ so maybe there is more, we will post more as we get it! You can read (a tiny bit more) on their website

Also here’s an article from the other side of the world (well for us anyway!) here’s the girls speaking to Yahoo! Australia!

Speaking over the phone to promote the show’s Australian premiere, the group’s bubbly blonde Mollie King and mother-figure Rochelle Humes claim the cameras never stopped rolling, allowing for a warts-and-all depiction of their lives.

“We always said to each other ‘If we’re going to do this we need to show people actual reality’,” King says.

“There were moments when we were feeling a bit vulnerable and I think we’ve all had a crying moment on the show. At those points you sort of wish the cameras weren’t there but it’s something that we signed up for so we had to sort of go along with it.

“You do get a real insight into everything. You see us all at our highest points and our lowest points.”

You can read more at the source but it’s (sadly) pretty much the same promotional talk they’ve been doing for Chasing The Saturdays globally, but those new fans in Australia probably haven’t heard it yet so its good promo 🙂

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