Saturdays ‘really excited’ about new album

Monday, July 20 2009, 15:33 BST

By Nick Levine, Music Editor

The Saturdays have revealed that they are flying to Los Angeles this week to work on their second album.

The girlband aim to complete the follow-up to Chasing Lights – their 2008 debut – in time for a September or October release.

“Hopefully when we get out there we might get a chance to work with Evan Sturken and Carl Rogers, who wrote ‘Issues’ and did a lot of Rihanna’s stuff,” group member Rochelle Wiseman told DS.

“But we’ve got a pretty strict schedule while we’re out there so we’re seeing what happens.”

The Saturdays previously told DS that their new album will show a progression from their debut.

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Source: Digitalspy

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