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Hello lovely Satsfans!

Our forum just became private. So if you’re not a registered member, you won’t be able to see the forumposts.
Feel free to register, make your own avatar and signature and join the conversation!

You can post news, pictures, youtube-videos, questions, actually everything that includes The Saturdays (as long as you post the original source), or just reply on other members posts!

I posted something about this around 6 months ago, and I think that post raised 1 member to the forum (weehay!) But by making the forum private, we hope to get a few more members to get the forum active again.

When you have posted 75 times, you can get access to the mediapage.

I really hope some of you will register (not only to see the post) and share your opinion with us about anything thats related to the girls or our website!

Don’t be shy 😀


About Issy

HI everyone! Welcome to the first fansite of your favourite girlband, The Saturdays! I'm Issy, I'm 19 years old, born on April 28, and I'm from Holland. I've been a fan for quite a while now. My favourite song is Ego, and my favourite saturday is Vanessa. But ofcourse I also like the other girls! I post news and update our gallery on tuesday and friday. I don't work on the video's, cause I simply don't know anything about that. I absolutely love working on this website along with my dear friends Matt and Marit. Thanks for visiting our website and make sure you keep visiting us! Spread the word! TEAM SATS!

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