[Edited] Rochelle Wiseman ‘splits’ from JLS singer Marvin Humes

Dailymail posted an article about Rochelle and Marvin. According to the article, the couple has split up. It’s not always the greatest source, but as it says in the article, they have both unfortunately confirmed it on their Twitter as well. You can read Rochelle’s Tweet below.


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As I said, the breakup has been confirmed by Rochelle herself.

She tweeted:

RochelleTheSats: Hey guys thanks for messages! It’s all a bit odd to share a break up! We have split but, we are still very much friends! You guys are lovely

We are wishing Rochelle all the best!

You can read about Marvin’s thoughts and the reasons for their break up on the MTV Site!

1 thought on “[Edited] Rochelle Wiseman ‘splits’ from JLS singer Marvin Humes”

  1. Hey! Issy, ummm im a a huge fan of JLS but i dont know the answer to this question! Who has FRANKIE just dumped. Is it anybody out of JLS? Many thanks. xxx

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