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Behind The Headlines: Photo Frenzy 2

Watch The Sats in this latest flip as they attempt to look pretty for photoshoots – but when don’t they look pretty? – and see a few of them rocking a new style (Mollie’s really came off the best though!). To make a long story short, enjoy the latest flip below!

[viddler id=817c5e96&w=545&h=349]

Una on Celebrity Juice 1

The lovely @UnaHealy appeared on Celebrity Juice this evening, you can watch the show below ….

NOTE: This show is aimed at adults, and isn’t really suitable for younger visitors. We therefore issue an advisory that if you are a younger visitor we suggest that you not to watch the below video.

[viddler id=7613e201&w=545&h=349]

Enjoy 🙂

Reminder: Vote for Mollie

Voting CLOSES at MIDNIGHT on 30th April … time is ticking please vote vote and vote again!!

Just 2 days left to vote for Mollie on Twitter for the ”dyslexiaitsme choice awards”! Remember to do your bit and vote as much as you can by tweeting something like the following: @dyslexiaitsme I vote for @MollieTheSats for the #itsmechoiceaward – we’ll be reminding you on Twitter daily so make sure you RT everyone that is voting to get those votes in for Mollie! We are convinced #teamsats can do it with some margine but just to make sure keep RT’ing/tweeting it guys!

Note: This post is stickied until the competition ends to get in as many votes as possible for Mollie – for other new news you’ll have to scroll down to see it.

Notorious Lyrics – Part 1 1

#notorious The twitter session as alluded to in this weeks mailer has started, and the first lyrics to Notorious have been tweeted by Rochelle:

“I got a record & I’m known for my style”

click for full size image
Picture via Rochelles Twitter

We need to retweet her original tweet, see link above, and then we shall get more lyrics! So hit over to twitter and hit the retweet button!!