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Bits and bobs

Hey all! Hope everyone is well! 🙂

Just a couple of news items. Yesterday we fixed an outstanding issue with our gallery and added a bunch of new pictures from recent events, so please make sure you pop over and take a look – if you notice any other issues with the gallery please get in touch 🙂

One for those going to Scarborough, due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ the girls show there is now taking place a day earlier, on FRIDAY 23rd August. If you already have a ticket then your ticket is still valid for the show, if you cannot make it (of course you can, you might bump into us!) then you can go back to where you bought your ticket for a refund. If you still want to go there are tons of tickets over at Ticketmaster so get buying, and we will see you there (Some tickets are in Row A too!!)

The girls are also performing at London’s G-A-Y on the 23rd March, wristbands must be bought to gain entry and are available at the London club for £4.

Video Update: Interview on This Morning

Sorry this has taken a bit of time to get online, my computer isn’t behaving well, if anyone is kind enough to donate me a new top-of-the-range machine I can get these online quicker 😉

fThis Morning the girls visited, This Morning, to talk about Chasing The Saturdays, Mollie looking for her name, and of course their money making for Children In Need, catch the video below:

Also here is the first weekly challenge from the girls:

The Saturdays get cheeky!


Today British girl group The Saturdays announce they have joined Maltesers to encourage the nation to ‘let its lighter side out’ and help raise over £1million this Red Nose Day.

Maltesers is a proud partner of Red Nose Day for a second time, and will donate 5p from every special pack sold straight to Comic Relief. It is hoped that the pop princesses will inspire others to get involved and help Maltesers to reach their target of at least £1million for Comic Relief.

The Saturdays have been letting their lighter sides out by taking part in a range of Maltesers Cheeky Challenges. From picking up Maltesers using a pair of chopsticks, to taking part in a singing competition where the five stars battled it out to be the last girl balancing Maltesers on their tongue whilst ‘singing’ at the same time (the first person to chew is the loser!) – the challenges left the girls in fits of giggles from doing something funny for money.

The Saturdays-member, Mollie King, said:

Everyone needs to let their lighter side out once in a while. We had so much fun trying out the Maltesers Cheeky Challenges – the girls all tease me for being a bit competitive but my desire to win paid off when I was victorious! You don’t have to do a big challenge to be involved – just get a packet of Maltesers and try some Cheeky Challenges with your friends and family, and help Maltesers smash the £1million target!

The girls are on This Morning today (or a feature is on This Morning today) to discuss this! Video incoming!

Source: Comic Relief

Back to work

Hey all! Just a quick message to say I’m back from my mini-break. Girls Aloud was pretty amazing, thanks to everyone who asked questions about it on Twitter, hope I answered what I can! If you are going expect a good night 🙂

Not much news to report on the last few days, Mollie has been over in LA overseeing her song being recording with AJ from the Backstreet Boys (as reported previously) – seemingly being produced by The Jam – who have worked on the new material for the new Saturdays album too!

Chasing The Saturdays airs in the UK tonight (but not in America I believe, the next episode is due there on 3rd March) so make sure you tune into E! at 10pm to catch it!

Also – in US news – the US Billboard Charts now count youtube views towards their singles chart. So if you are watching ‘What About Us’ on youtube PLEASE make sure you watch it on their official VEVO site, and not someone who has just downloaded it and reuploaded it, as only official youtube/vevo plays count to the charts. So if you are bored this afternoon give it a spin on VEVO 🙂

The only news item I could find that is worthy of posting was an interview the girls did with Orange of which the most exciting part (for me is)

What will 2013 hold for you and can we expect a new UK tour at some point? Fingers crossed…

We definitely hope to be going out on tour again this year, so stay tuned about that. We’re now finishing up our album which comes out later this year, plus we’re planning some trips to brand new territories like Germany and Australia which is all really exciting. It’s going to be a big year for us Sats.

Fingers crossed for a tour this year then. We have our tickets for Scarborough in August, so hopefully will see a few of you there! 🙂

Mollie, Backstreet Boys and more!

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, those who follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk will know that its half-term week in the UK so I’m having a few days rest from websites and having a good time. I’m off to the Girls Aloud concert in Newcastle tomorrow (Opening night) so that will be a good one!

I’ve been keeping a look out for news, apart from the girls attending several days at London Fashion Week over the last few days its been pretty quiet, as they have been using Chasing The Saturdays to do the promo work for them I think!

TWO Episodes of Chasing The Saturdays aired over the weekend in the US, if you run over to the girls official youtube channel you can catch the usual after-show talk about the shows.

In breaking news last night, our very own Mollie is flying out to LA today to hit the recording studio with the Backstreet Boys – but not as a singer – they have apparently chosen a song that she has written for their forthcoming – 20th Year – album. As most Sats fans know, Mollie is a 90s pop child (Like myself, and many other teamsats) and grew up listening to Backstreet Boys, Britney etc. when pop had its massive moment in the late 90s so this must be huge for Mollie – so she’s rushing out there to meet the guys as they record her track!

Rather than sit here and update all the LFW news here are many articles on the girls attending all the various shows all over the Internet, and I’m sure many of you have already read them! The last and most recent one is from the DailyMail, but as per usual its less reporting more visual candy but not sure how much you can report ‘the girls attended, they wore this, and this is what they wore’ I’m sure we will have a gallery update soon 🙂

The radio station 98FM is running a competition for YOUR group to support The Saturdays at their upcoming show. Make sure you check that out if you are a budding musician.

I’m back from holiday on Saturday evening. If you are on half term have a good one and make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest breaking news!


Awesome, the girls are seemingly giving us a taste of summer right now. I presume they will only be performing as a 4 piece, but our calls are being answered team sats! The girls have confirmed another summer show this morning, at the Scarbrough Open Air Theatre on August 24th. So right now the girls are performing at:

– Bord Gáis Energy Theatre – Dublin, Ireland 28th March 2013
– Grand National Opening Day – Aintree, Liverpool 4th April 2013
– Newmarket Racecourse –  Newmarket, Suffolk Saturday 8th June 2013
– Scarborough Open Air Theatre – Scarborough, North Yorkshire Saturday 24th August 2013

We will no doubt be at a couple of these (and more if they add more!) so hopefully will see some of you there! These events the girls are named headliners or co-headliners so will put on a fuller show (60mins+) rather than just 3 or 4 songs and leave 🙂

Festivals across the summer months are still being announced, including major radio events such as the Summertime Ball. Hopefully the girls will be making an apperance at some of these too! 🙂

Frankie at the Cambridge Satchel Company Store Opening

Seems Frankie and Wayne (maybe he wanted a man-bag) attended the launch of the first ever store for the Cambridge Satchel Company last night. Doesn’t seem too much to report on, but a few pictures of Frankie I’ve added below.

It’s all gone a little quiet again hasn’t it? Apart from a few concerts being announced for the summer (and and the end of this month) hopefully this is the relative calm before the UK promo steps up a notch! Remember US/Canad a fans can buy ‘What About Us’ NOW, UK fans can pre-order it from iTunes.