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What About Us on The Voice

It’s Monday again! The girls appeared on The Voice (Ireland) yesterday, you can catch the performances from the show below, including the performance of ‘What About Us’

You can catch the performances of Issue and Una performing with one of the finalists here.

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The girls are also performing at the Sony Radio Academy Awards on the 13th May, alongside Robbie Williams!

Summertime Ball 2013


Firstly @TheSaturdays have been announced as part of this years CapitalFM Summer Time ball, the event is hosted by Justin Timberlake and also includes performances from Robbie Williams, Olly Murs, Taylor Swift and more. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, it takes place at London’s Wembley Stadium on Sunday 9th June!

The other dominating news story of the last 24hours is the break up of JLS. I’m sure many of you out there are as surprised as I was about the news, all seems a little suddern and strange, but the lads (and Marvin obviously) all have new plans. It’s always disapointing when a group splits up but its also good to remember the good times too, plus they are still touring at the end of the year!

Frankie in OK Magazine, Australia

Hey all! Hope Monday treated you all well, its now Tuesday so we are one step closer (haha) to the weekend

Frankie is in the new OK Magazine talking about her engagement to Wayne:


Not too many details on their site, so you will have to rush out and buy the magazine, it also says ‘Interview with The Saturdays’ so maybe there is more, we will post more as we get it! You can read (a tiny bit more) on their website

Also here’s an article from the other side of the world (well for us anyway!) here’s the girls speaking to Yahoo! Australia!

Speaking over the phone to promote the show’s Australian premiere, the group’s bubbly blonde Mollie King and mother-figure Rochelle Humes claim the cameras never stopped rolling, allowing for a warts-and-all depiction of their lives.

“We always said to each other ‘If we’re going to do this we need to show people actual reality’,” King says.

“There were moments when we were feeling a bit vulnerable and I think we’ve all had a crying moment on the show. At those points you sort of wish the cameras weren’t there but it’s something that we signed up for so we had to sort of go along with it.

“You do get a real insight into everything. You see us all at our highest points and our lowest points.”

You can read more at the source but it’s (sadly) pretty much the same promotional talk they’ve been doing for Chasing The Saturdays globally, but those new fans in Australia probably haven’t heard it yet so its good promo 🙂

The Saturdays on Monday

Hey all! It’s another Monday already, where are the days going too? Anyway I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I would like to report lots of new and exciting news, but sadly there isn’t much to report. Apparently Mollie is ‘off the market’ now – sorry boys and girls. No news how true (or untrue) the reports are as both camps are being very quiet, but either way that takes long-distance relationships to new levels!

Juliane has kindly e-mailed in more links from the girls recent trip to Germany, you can catch them over at PressePortal and E-Online (Germany) which is a perfect opportunity to use that GCSE you did in German – or if like me you did French, you might struggle to read it!

We will obviously do our best to keep everyone outside the UK up to date with what is going on in your country but its difficult for us to get links from non-english speaking countries. If your country has a Saturdays article we will post it, just e-mail it to us at or tweet us @TheSatsCoUk and we will post it 🙂

In the UK, ‘What About Us’ drops to number 13 on its fifth week in the charts. This is possibly their strongest single to date in the UK spending 5 weeks in the Top 20 which is awesome, hopefully their next single will do the same, but there are rumours abound that we might be in for a little wait for this – probably due to the fact that Rochelle will be given birth shortly, only a minor inconvience 😉

Stay safe everyone and have a good Monday! 🙂

News Roundup with The Saturdays

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been rather manic at work (again) and the dreaded Uni deadline is also nibbling at my toes, so no rest for the wicked.

Firstly there are plently of articles around on how Wayne proposed to our Frankie, apparently the dogs where involved (and why not?!) as it wouldn’t be a Saturdays related event without a pet involved somewhere!

Una has been a-blogging again on Hello! about Frankie’s engagement and the girls recent visit to Germany, so make sure you pop over there and give that a read 🙂

A new MTV Show called ‘The Show With Vinny‘ is set to premiere on MTV US on May 3rd, The Saturdays are included on the guestlist for the show, no real further details yet but something to keep an eye on!

Sorry for the quick update, something more detailed to come soon!