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This is news about 1/5 of The Saturdays, Una Healy.

The Saturdays’ Una: I miss my Irish crisps

The Saturdays’ Una: I miss my Irish crisps

Singer enjoys getting stuck into a packet of Taytos

Monday, 4 May 2009

Irish songwriter Una Healy misses her favourite snack when she’s aways from the Emerald Isle.

The Saturdays singer is grateful to fans who bring her little gifts.

‘One time this girl from Ireland came to one of our TV appearances and she brought me crisps from home called Tayto crisps,’ says Una, 27.

‘They’re really good and you can only get them in Ireland. That was a lovely gift.’

Band-mate Vanessa White, 19, told the world she loves Haribo sweets and now she’s never short of something to chew.

‘Every time I do a gig I get a massive Haribo Starmix,’ she reveals. ‘On my birthday, I got a huge box of them.’

Microsoft Windows has teamed up with The Saturdays to launch a unique competition on 2 May 2009 for children in the UK to win the chance to make the band’s video for new single Work, which will be realised on 29 June 2009, before the girls kick off on a nationwide tour.

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Una gives us a “Happy Saturday”

From the e-mail mailings from the Official Site:

From the e-mail:

Over on the official site you can also see an exclusive video where Una teaches you how to backstroke dive!!

The Girls continue to storm up the music channels charts and they’ve also been featured in this week’s Zoo magazine as the Sexiest Band in Britain. Make sure you check it out!

Make sure you keep checking www.thesaturdays.co.uk for all the latest news on the girls, but also we will be bringing you an EXCLUSIVE video to the Moto Blanco remix of ‘If This Is Love.’

Una’s Top 10:
My top ten tracks of TODAY (not my all time favourites)

1. Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris: Dance wiv me
I love this song because I saw it performed on TV at Glanstonbury and their performance blew me away!

2. Ide Marie: So much better when your naked
3. Solange Knowles: I decided
4. The Ting Tings: That’s not my name
5. Duffy: Warwick Avenue
6. Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown: No Air
7. Tiao Cruz: Come on girl
8. Nikelback: Photograph
9. The Script: We cry
10. Sarah Bareilles: Love Song

Lot, lot more in the message so click the link above – or check your e-mail!

If you missed Frankie’s “Happy Saturday” from last weekend then click here

Una Blogs – “Una here in Birmingham!”


Una here in Birmingham!

Hey everyone! Today we are on a day off here in Birmingham. But as we all have internet access free in our hotel rooms we have spent most of our time tapping away and responding e-mails and doing a lot of catching up with everything! BUT as per usual we managed to find our way to the “Bullring” which has a huge shopping centre. I had to buy a new pair of “dancing” shoes as I was finding the ones I perform in a little restricting because they were too high:( so I had to compromise fashion for comfort! I got a new pair that I could run a sprint in! haha! They are not bad either, I think I can pull them off?!! they are a safe black pair with a little strap and a medium heel. As you all know I am Irish, just got off the phone there to one of my friends, feel a little homesick now:( I haven’t been home to Ireland in 3 months! But I am so busy and time is flying by so sometimes I tend for forget how long it has been! Ok gotta go and have some room service dinner! (yum..not!!)


Una Blogs


Una here in Brighton!

Hey guys and girls!

Today we travelled from London to Brighton for the next show. It was such a beautiful hot day, but unfortunately we didn’t get to spend any time in the sun:( Arriving in Brighton for the first time and I have to say it is so lovely I will have to come back here sometime to visit for a short break!


Our hotel is right by the sea and jammy Mollie got the room with the sea view and a balcony! Myself and Frankie are sharing and we have no balcony…. but we do have a view of ASDA! haha!!

But its all good, love it here! In our sound check there was a pigeon flying around the centre so I’m not sure if they managed to get him (or her) out in time for the performance! There was a really nice atmosphere in the venue and everybody was in great form. It must be the weather, it brings the best out in everyone and everything and everyone looked so tanned and happy, I love the sun! the show went really well. The crowd were fantastic too…so I really enjoyed it tonight! Looking forward to another day in Brighton tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

Una blogs

From thesaturdays.co.uk

This is my first blog to you all so going to start with a quick update on how the tour is going so far. We left London on Friday at 7am and drove to hollyhead to catch a Ferry to Dublin and from there drove to Belfast… total of 11 hours travel! We had 3 great gigs in Belfast, I was so nervous for the 1st gig because I have never performed in front of thousands of people in all my life so I was shaking but adrenaline is always a good thing! On the first night we met two of the members of girls aloud… Cheryl and Kimberly, they came into our dressing room and had a nice chat with us and told us how nervous they used to feel, its was really reassuring, they were really lovely and encouraging to us. We got to watch their show after and it was spectacular! Hopefully one day we will get to do a show like theirs, but not without fans, as without fans it wouldn’t be possible, so we NEED you! We really appreciate everyone who posts comments on our forums.

I am writing this from my hotel room in Glasgow, we arrived here today by Ferry from Belfast. It is a really beautiful City

I am sharing a room with Vanessa, we just ordered hot chocolate and are about to fall asleep but I look forward to getting to know all of you and will be back here really soon to update you with what we are up to.

Una xx

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