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Frankie is NOT dating Aston.

Frankie Sandford and Mollie KingDon’t worry boys, Saturdays star Frankie Sandford is still young, free and single!

I got to the bottom of rumors that the sexy singer has been shacked up with JLS wee-man Aston Merrygold (pictured top right) by asking the lady herself to spell out the truth.

Not only did she say reports of her “union” with hunky Aston are a load of cobblers, she also told me of her sadness following her split with McFly dish Dougie Poynter (right).

Frankie told me at the Lee Jeans launch party this week: “It’s inevitable that Aston and me do get pictured together because Rochelle is dating Marvin from JLS.

“It’s already ­happened with all this stuff about us dating – it’s false. It’s crap. And the stuff about me and Calum Best was crap too.

“Calum literally sent me a Tweet and that’s where that story came from.

“He’s a nice guy but I’m not going there… I’m not stupid! I’m just friends with Aston – he’s a nice guy. It can be really annoying if you’re falsely linked to other people.”

Frankie was clearly in the mood to talk and she admitted that she’s yet to get over McFly boy Dougie Poynter after their split last month.

“I didn’t think anyone would care about Dougie and I splitting up,” she revealed. “I was so surprised by the reaction to it. We are staying good friends.

“I know that’s what everyone says but I don’t bulls**t. We need time apart and that’s what we’re doing now. I needed to get away from everything so that’s why I took myself off Twitter and had a holiday.

“It’s hard enough splitting up with someone but when you’re in the public eye it’s so much harder. I had no idea and I’m learning about it. If you split up with your boyfriend, you wouldn’t then see him ­pictured out with other girls in the paper.

“He’s going to start dating other girls, and I’m fine with it, but I don’t want to see it and learn about it in the papers. It’s going to be hard.”

Frankie, currently in the studio with the rest of the Saturdays recording new material for a repackaged summer version of their album Wordshaker, sounds desperado for a relationship of some kind.

She told me: “I haven’t been out on any dates since we split.

“But I really want to be taken out on a date! I’m not good at the whole dating scene and I just want a boyfriend. But I don’t go out on a date for the sake of it.

“First I need there to be a spark and hint that it might turn into a relationship.”

By: Dean Piper

Aston about Frankie

Everyone’s talking about Frankie Sandford and whether she’s going to do a Rochelle Wiseman and get herself a JLS shaped boyfriend (for those not in the know, shame on you. Rochelle – also from The Saturdays – has been on a string of dates with Marvin from JLS. Keep up.)

We asked Aston who he fancied and the conversation went a bit like this:

Aston: “That girl from The Saturdays. Who used to be in S Club Juniors. She’s well hot.”

Sugarscape: “She’s called Frankie.”

Aston: “Yeah, her. Could you set me up with her? Please? Can’t your people speak to my people? Go on.”

Sugarscape: “Sorry Aston. We’re afraid she’s got a boyfriend. She’s just started dating Dougie from Mcfly.”

Aston: “Damn! I was too late. I missed out…”

Looks like it’s your lucky month, Aston. And seeing as your people are now her people (they have the same music PR) you can ask them / her yourself!

What do you think? Would they make a cute couple? Or are your fingers still crossed that she’ll get back together with Doug?

Source: Sugarscape

Sandford ‘house-hunting after break-up’

Sandford 'house-hunting after break-up'

Saturdays star Frankie Sandford is searching for a new home following her split from McFly’s Dougie Poynter, a report has claimed. The singer is keen to find the perfect ‘bachelorette pad’ where she can focus on having fun with her friends and bandmates, according to The Mirror. A source told the newspaper: “It will be no boys allowed as she doesn’t want the drama. For now it’s all about performing with the band and girlie nights.” Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Sandford had split from Poynter following a romance which had lasted for more than a year. It is thought that the pair are blaming work commitments for the break-up. Sandford has since been linked to JLS member Aston Merrygold, but neither party has spoken publicly about the rumours.

Source:Digital Spy

Does JLS star Aston like Frankie?


Jls stud Aston Merrygold looks like he’s becoming the silver lining for heartbroken beauty Frankie Sandford.
The 21-year-old Saturdays stunner split from McFly star Dougie Poynter two weeks ago.
Aston, 22, has been a shoulder to cry on for fed-up singer Frankie and it seems that he has been wooing her in the process.
The pair have now secretly arranged their first date.
A pal said: “He has the hots for her, that’s for sure. It’s still early days but there’s so much chemistry between them.
“Frankie has been so upset and went on a girlie holiday with Rochelle, Vanessa and Una from The Saturdays to get over the split.
“She had moved in with Dougie and she really believed that their romance was for keeps.
“To make matters worse, she was bombarded with hate mail on Twitter after false claims she’d hooked up with ladies’ man Calum Best. She was freaked out and said she was taking a break from Twitter as it was all too much.
“Work commitments tore Frankie and Dougie apart. Aston has been so sweet by offering her support.
“She’s now looking for love. She wants to get back out there and find her Mr Right.”
A source added: “Frankie and Rochelle were backstage at the JLS gig in Hammersmith cheering on their boys and screaming incredibly loudly. At a party a few days later Frankie took Aston by the hand and was leading him around. He was looking at her like a love sick puppy and hung on to her every word.
“He didn’t want to let her go. They looked so cute together – easily the best-looking couple in the place.”
Chart-topping JLS are hoping to break the US after appreciative nods from top producers such as Soulshock, who has worked with Alicia Keys.
And if Aston only has One Shot at hitting the high notes with Frankie then it looks like they have made a pretty good start.
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