Mollie helps raise £150,000 for The BHF (fundraiser update)

On 10 Feb 2015, a host of famous faces hit the red carpet for The BHF Roll out the Red Ball. Hosted by the lovely Mollie King which raised over £150,000 for the charity- amazing!!

Mollie said: “I’m honoured to be hosting the Roll out the Red Ball in aid of the British Heart Foundation. It is such a fantastic charity which is very close to my heart. My grandfather sadly died of heart disease.

“The BHF has already made vital discoveries in the prevention and treatment of heart and circulatory conditions but there is still so much work to be done.

“Guests attending the ball will be raising funds which will go directly into life saving heart research.”

Here’s a video of Mollie talking about her grandparents and why it’s such a good charity close to her heart.

More info about the ball can be found on The BHF Website

With all of that said why not dig deep and donate £1 to Mollie’s fundraiser and feel like you’ve done a good deed every £1 makes a difference for a charity so close to Mollie’s heart and Rosie’s (for more info about why speak to her directly). Mollie appreciates her books and fundraisers so much so know that everything you donate will be appreciated. or Text MKBF87 (amount) to 70070

to take part in her birthday book all details are here

email: [email protected]
twitter: @molliekingbday

Get involved let’s make a difference!!

The Saturdays Roundup : 9th February 2015

Firstly HUGE thanks to the early donators to this year’s charity for Mollie’s Birthday Book – The British Heart Foundation. In just a few days since we officially launched it, we’ve raised £101! Amazing, it really is! You can find all the details in the post below, or by clicking the banner a the top! Let’s beat last years total of £550!

Talking BHF, Mollie fronts their annual charity auction tomorrow, although you will need a fair bit of spare money to be able to buy anything! If you want to go shopping with Mollie you currently need a cool £3000 – and you know by tomorrow evening it will be at least double that!

Also in the newa The Saturdays company, Day & Night Ventures, accumulated profits rose by £340,371 to £696,159 in the year ending August 31, 2013, according to figures lodged with Britain’s Companies House. I’m no business expert but maybe someone is ..

Rochelle has said she has no plans for an S Club Juniors reunion (boo!) she says, ‘Look, I’m friends with the Juniors and all of that, and it will always be a big part of my life,’ says Rochelle, 25. ‘But I don’t want to go back to being 12 again.’ Talking Rochelle, herself and Marvin have been in the recent Fabulous Magazine talking some saucy things.


Mollie’s Birthday Book 2015 – Official Fundraiser!

Hot off the heels of the 2014 Fundraiser for Mollie – which raised £550 for Dyslexia Action! Plus not to mention the amazing £1000+ for Vanessa’s birthday book we now roll into 2015 and it’s that time again!

Mollie’s birthday book preparations are in full swing, and if you want to get involved (of course you do!) you can find all the details over on the official birthday book twitter @molliekingbday

We are here to bring attention to the new Fundraiser, for 2015 we are looking to raise a silly amount of money for The British Heart Foundation! Mollie is obviously a key ambassador for The BHF and we feel this is a great charity for everyone to donate towards.

The British Heart Foundation are the UK’s number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research we have already made a big difference to people’s lives.

So how do you get involved? It’s REALLY simple. Simply head over to the official JustGiving website and leave your donation online (and your message!) you can also simply grab your telephone and TEXT the word MKBF87 (amount) to 70071 so to donate £10 simply text MKBF87 £10 to 70071.

100% of your donations go to The British Heart Foundation – we, or anyone else involved with Mollie’s birthday book do not benefit in any shape or form from your donations!

Mollie’s Birthday Book 2014

Hey all. These pictures will probably end up all over the Internet before I post them, so a quick post now.

Note please ask permission before using these pictures, as myself, Rosie and Claire are actually IN the picture and we probably don’t want it on every site going. If you want to use the picture or are using the picture please tweet us and inform us first. Twitter names are below. Many thanks 🙂

This weekend gone myself (@TheSatsCoUk), Rosie (@marvelousmollie) and Claire (@idekclxire), where lucky enough to be allowed backstage at Westfield London to present Mollie with her 2014 Birthday Book.

We where taken downstairs to the basement of the shopping centre to a small dressing room to chat with Mollie and present her with this years birthday book and of course the amazing £550 that you raised for Dyslexia Action.

Full details of what went down, apart from lots of hugs, selfies and chat, will be available to VIEW shortly (if you get what I mean 😉 )

Again, I want to personally thank EVERYONE who was involved with the book. Be it those who created the wonderful covers for the book and it’s sections, from those who took time to create a page or pages for the book, and also to everyone who donated. You are ALL individual and unique to this years birthday book, and watch this space for ideas on how to get involved in the 2015 book 🙂

Mollie speaks out about dyslexia

Here’s an interview that Mollie did for the Nth Degree Book Club talking about becoming a Dyslexia Action Ambassador. The interview has been kindly given to the site by Rosie, (@MarvelousMollie) can you please contact her if you want to use the Interview, and leave her tags intact. This interview isn’t widely available as it appears in an exclusive book that costs £80!
After reading, Rosie has also written a blog about the interview, and about the filming that we did – yes I am involved – at Dyslexia Action HQ last week, so please give that a read and if you can please donate to Mollie’s 2014 Birthday Book, we are amazing just £13 short of an increased target of £350! 100% of the money goes direct to Dyslexia Action. NthDegreeMollieKing_TheSatsCoUk


WordPress seems to dynamically resize the picture depending on the resolution of your laptop which is making it unreadable for those on a smaller screen. I’ve uploaded it to the site gallery where you can view it at full size. Click here to view it in the site gallery :)

Mollie’s B’day Book and more!

Firstly, again, sorry for the lack of site updates. Been so busy at work, studying in the evening, plus went to the Beyonce concert on Saturday at London’s O2, what an amazing show, so if you are going you are in for an amazing experience!

I don’t think I’ve missed much, the Not Giving Up video has hit the 1m views point on Youtube. So make sure you head over there and view it! Remember its released in just over a months time, so hopefully the promo for the song will be announced shortly.

Vanessa attended the Philippine Typhoon Disasters Appeal Gala on Sunday evening with Gary, I’ve added a few pictures of the lovely Vanessa at the end of this article.

Also if you’ve not heard, this years birthday book for Mollie has an additional appeal going on, we are trying to gain as much money as we possibly can for the charity Dyslexia Action, in rather amazing start we’ve already raised £200! This is with just the help of you guys and girls in the community, we’ve had no promo from the girls mailer (yet!) and other sources, this is purely from social networking and your very awesome generosity! We appeal if you haven’t yet donated to pop over to the official JustGIving page and donate as little – or as much as you want, huge thanks 🙂

There has also been a lot of public debate recently over Dyslexia, and if it actually exists or not. I suggest if you are thinking about donating, or want to know more about this debate, then to visit this blog post which was been excellently written by Rosie.

We will be actively entering discussions with the girls management, and dyslexia action in the near future to make sure Mollie gets the book, and the charity – and everyone who donated – get the recognition you all deserve. So please donate if you can 🙂


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