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Hey all! We are now at Tuesday which means that we might get an unofficial chart update later this morning to how well Gentleman is performing. We snuck into the iTunes Top 10 last night, but have fallen out of it (just) this morning, we seem to be locked into a battle with those The Wanted boys over who wants number 10 on iTunes!

The girls hit MTV and Chart Show TV yesterday for a bit more promo – still wish the girls would do a major UK channel for promo to get the higher viewers – but this is better than nothing (surely?) and they are doing one of these Google Hangouts again today at 4pm for whom it interests.

I know a few people are all going ‘It’s another My Heart Takes Over’ well it surely won’t be THAT bad, I mean Gentleman is still Top 11 on iTunes and only just behind The Wanted, so adding in physical sales should see them go above them. It’s just a case of them (hopefully) maintaining this level of sales throughout the week.

I know its all a little underwhelming after the highs of What About Us, the 115,000 odd sales and a number one, but we need to take the rough with the smooth!


Friday Chart Update

Not sure I want to post this but @thesaturdays brand new album On Your Radar has dropped even further from eariler in the week. We have seen it peak at number 15 but it has now sadly dropped further to a rather lower number 20 :/

I know there is this anti-pop vibe floating around, but this really is starting to look like our girls are beginning to alienate people with this new album – for whatever reason. We hope when the tour kicks off next Friday that the girls can get down to what they are known for – doing great Live shows – and that will give the album a much needed boost.

Remember to get everyone you know to buy the album, lets hope it doesn’t slip further before Sunday’s chart is announced.

Thursday Chart Update

I’ll keep this short and sweet but @thesaturdays On Your Radar currently sit at number 17 on the Thursday chart update, seems we are sadly slipping outside the Top 20. The anti-pop establishment in the UK must be jumping for joy right now!

Get everyone you know to buy the album before midnight on Sunday 🙂

Notorious: Opening Week

The @TheSaturdays new single, Notorious has entered the UK charts at number 8. This means Notorious charted higher than both Ego (Number 9) and Higher (Number 10). Notorious becomes the girls 9th Top 10 single (from 10 releases!) Higher had a 20 week chart run, lets see if Notorious can do better than this! 
At least it held onto a Top 10 spot after a rather dramatic fall from number 5 on iTunes earlier in the week. Remember its up to us – the members of teamsats – to keep the song up high so when the single, and hopefully more promo, comes about in the coming weeks we can get the single up the charts even higher! Remember the song is out on iTunes NOW make sure you get everyone buying a copy!!

Click here to watch the Making The Video of Notorious

Saturdays put Geffen on course

Universal’s Geffen label is looking to score its second UK number one single within the space of three weeks after The Saturdays opened up a narrow lead on midweek sales.

The girl group’s Fascination/Geffen-issued single Missing You is around 4,000 sales ahead of Flo Rida featuring David Guetta’s Club Can’t Handle Me at this early point in the week, according to OCC Data. The Saturdays’ current highest chart performance is number two, achieved in 2009 by both Just Can’t Get Enough and Forever Is Over.

Click on the source to finish the article.

Source: Music Week

‘Ego’ Chart Update

‘Ego’ has sprung into the UK Top 40 this week at #35, 3 weeks prior to release. It’s so far peaked at #18 on UK iTunes but has gone down to #30 due to the ‘Xfactor effect’. There is lots of good promotion planned for the single, which I shall be posting soon. It’s chart run so far is #91 – #52 – #35.

‘Ego’ Chart Update

This week could see the rise of ‘Ego’ on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart. It has been climbing on the UK iTunes for a few weeks, peaking  today at #22 giving it a midweek of Top 40 yesterday, and a higher Top 40 placement today. It’s physical release is not til’ 04th January 2010, and the current early sales are down to the video and airplay.

Fingers crossed, for this could be a big hit for the girls!

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