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‘Ego’ Chart Update

‘Ego’ has sprung into the UK Top 40 this week at #35, 3 weeks prior to release. It’s so far peaked at #18 on UK iTunes but has gone down to #30 due to the ‘Xfactor effect’. There is lots of good promotion planned for the single, which I shall be posting soon. It’s chart run so far is #91 – #52 – #35.

‘Ego’ Chart Update

This week could see the rise of ‘Ego’ on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart. It has been climbing on the UK iTunes for a few weeks, peaking  today at #22 giving it a midweek of Top 40 yesterday, and a higher Top 40 placement today. It’s physical release is not til’ 04th January 2010, and the current early sales are down to the video and airplay.

Fingers crossed, for this could be a big hit for the girls!


Here are two videos for the official remixes to the Saturdays new single “Ego”, which is released on 04th January 2010. Their label, has commissioned two awesome mixers, Almighty, and Jason Nevins. Enjoy!

Almighty Mix:


Jason Nevins Mix:


More Details on ‘Ego’

According to recent reports, The Saturdays new single “Ego” will be released slightly later than planned. The single was originally planned to be released on 14th December 2009, but will now be released on 4th January 2010, with the Digital EP being released on the 3rd. However we’ve been told the release date may change again.If you haven’t seen this awesome pic from the video, then take a look, here!

Chart Update: ‘Wordshaker’ and “Forever Is Over”

Forever Is Over

The Saturdays second album Wordshaker has entered the UK Album Chart at #9 this week. Midweek sales suggested that the album would be top 5, charting at #5, but a slump in sales have resulted in it’s #9 position. However, big congratulations to The Sats on their second top 10 album :). A vast improvement on their first album, Chasing Lights.

In other news, “Forever Is Over” has fallen a understandable 6 places to #8 this week in the UK Singles Chart, mostly due to the new releases this week from Alexandra Burke and Robbie Williams. Could The Sats next (supposedly, rumoured) single “Ego” give them their first #1?

OLM-Remix Joins!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while too, but I’ve been really busy with Collage, my person life, and of course what I love to do the most, OLM-Remix.

This is a new challenge for me. I’m used to updating websites and etc but updating a major fan site like this one, is something else! I’m really excited!

I hope you’ll all make me feel welcome on, as I’m proud to join the team!

Updates will follow shortly, Oli.

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