Love Me Love My Clothes As Rochelle Wiseman Does

PictureLove Me Love My Clothes is a great girly website where you can pick up really cute tops, designer jeans and fabulous accessories.

The Website

The website gives you the feeling of exclusivity, as if you are the only one to have bought that item of clothing and no one else will be wearing it. It is very basic, but in a way the clean, simple look helps you keep your mind on what is most important – shopping!

They offer lots of pretty tops and blouses and some really amazing jeans and not to mention their vintage looking jewelery. One really good thing about the fashion on the site is that it makes clothes that are from the US available easily in the UK and at a really good price.

Favourite Product

Something I really love on from the site is the navy blue ‘Love Me Love My Clothes’ hoodie, which has a cerise pink peace sign on the front, great for those days when you want to chill out in front of the TV but still look like a fashionista!

Celebrity Style & Fans

You will notice as you look through the clothes that a familiar face is modeling some of the clothes. Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays is seen throughout the website showing off the fab clothes, and she even has a bracelet named after her.

Click here to go to Love Me Love My Clothes.


Source: The Online Fashion Agency

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