Disco Love – Daybreak

This morning our girls hit the ITV studios to perform their new single Disco Love on Daybreak! The single is nearly Top 3 on iTunes now which is amazing, so if you’ve not picked up a copy download now!!

Don’t miss our updates from yesterday, Disco Love performed on Surprise Surprise, an awesome acoustic performance of Disco Love on Sunday Brunch and Mollie on Through The Keyhole.

Disco Love – the new single – is OUT NOW! Click the links below to buy!! 

Disco Love – Single (Only 99p!) Download Here! (Blue Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes EP – Includes TWO B-sides (On The Radio, Love Come Down) – AND a remix – all for just £1.99! (Red Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes – Includes THREE remixes – £1.99 (Yellow Cover)

Disco Love is taken from the BRAND NEW ALBUM, ‘Living For The Weekend’ which is OUT NEXT WEEK! Grab that whilst you are at it, the standard album is JUST £6.99 or grab the DELUXE album, which has over 20 different items, for a bargain £9.99

The Saturdays on Lorraine

This morning the girls hit the ITV studios to appear on Breakfast TV show ‘Lorraine’ the girls had a brief chat with Lorraine and then performed their new single Gentleman, which is OUT NOW! You can watch it all below in lovely HD quality (of course!) 🙂

Performance – Gentleman

Or watch on our youtube here


Or watch on our youtube here

Gentleman is out now, so pick up a copy on iTunes and if you have a spare bit of change in your pocket why not pick up a few remixes too? As always feel free to use our videos, use the embed links on vimeo or youtube for your own sites, please link back to us at Many thanks 🙂

Gentleman Promo Confirmed

Shortly after I posted yesterday that hopefully the TV promo for Gentleman will be confirmed soon, it was posted up, and to mine (and probably a few others surprise) there isn’t much of it ….

Thursday 27th June – BBC Radio 2: Steve Wright In The Afternoon with Patrick Kielty
Friday 28th June – This Morning, ITV1 – 10.30am
Monday 1st July – Daybreak, ITV1 – From 7.00am
Wednesday 3rd July – Mollie and Vanessa chatting on Let’s Do Lunch, ITV1 – 12.30pm

They are also doing another Google Hangout on Tuesday 2nd July for those who enjoy that kind of thing. I understand why they do these but from an actual promo/sales point of view I’m not sure how much they actually help promote the song.

I also appreciate that there aren’t that many TV shows for pop acts to go on in the summer months, but this does seem to be pretty bare threaded unless there is stuff they aren’t telling us. I mean just ONE performance the week the song is out, and that’s on Monday – the girls traditionally have strong early sales and then drop as the week progresses, so lets hope something is planned for the end of the week. It’s a shame not to see the girls on the big Friday night talk shows more often.

Reminder that Gentleman is out on Sunday, it wasn’t that long ago that we where all ‘we got to wait how long?!’ Remember to pre-order NOW so you can grab Wildfire!



The Saturdays hit Daybreak & Lorraine

This morning our girls are on Daybreak and Lorraine to promote the new single ‘What About Us’. The majority of the videos will be on the site at around lunchtime. But a few clips of the girls have been on early so I’ve managed to sneak them on before work, just for you 🙂 REMEMBER to please buy ‘What About Us’ on iTunes or Amazon, links are on the right of the site. If you pre-ordered the EP, why not pick up the remixes EP? Or pop over to Amazon and buy the song again for just 89p!

As always the videos are in HD, and as normal if you want to use these videos on your site/blog/tumblr etc. Then please use the many variety of embed codes and everything on Vimeo. Plus please link back to us at 🙂

Performance – What About Us

Daybreak – Interview

Lorraine – Interview

The Saturdays on Daybreak

This morning our girls popped into the Daybreak studios to discuss their new TV show, Chasing The Saturdays, which premieres on E! this Sunday in the UK. Plus to talk about their new single What About Us (released in March, pre-order NOW from iTunes) and to answer some questions from fans on Twitter. You can watch the videos below 🙂


The Saturdays on Daybreak & Lorraine

Our girls hit Daybreak this morning to further promote 30 Days, the videos are available to watch below 🙂

The girls also had a chat on Lorraine, if you scroll down its the 3rd video below 🙂

As always, please use our embed links. If you are desperate for a youtube link to share (please note you can share vimeo links on the likes of facebook/twitter, they are just the same as YouTube just a lot less restrictive) then I have added the videos to Youtube here.

30 Days (Performance)


Interview (Lorraine)

The girls wave hi.

‘My Heart Takes Over’ on Daybreak

@thesaturdays – minus @FrankieTheSats – hit Daybreak this morning to promote the new single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ you can catch the videos – in high definition – below:

Performance – My Heart Takes Over

Brief Chat

‘My Heart Takes Over’ is still NOT Top 10 on iTunes, (believe it or not, we need to nearly ‘double’ the sales its getting now to get it there!!)

Let’s all pull together get it there and keep it there until Sunday, and do it for Frankie!! Spread the word and keep buying!! buy My Heart Takes Over – iTunes (£1.99) also pick it up from Amazon My Heart Takes Over – Amazon MP3 (£1.69). The remixes are also available My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – Amazon MP3 – £1.99 // My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – iTunes – £2.49 and the extended club remixes My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – Amazon MP3 – £5.34 // My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – iTunes – £5.94 – spread the links and get buying!!

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