All Fired Up … in Dublin!

@thesaturdays roll into Dublin this evening to perform on the final *sob sob* night of the All Fired Up Tour. It didn’t seem two seconds ago that the tour was announced, and now we are here at the final final night.

If you are going to the last show tonight, have an awesome time, and show the girls how much we do really appricate them!

The tour was filmed in Manchester on 9th December, so hopefully that will see a future DVD release for the girls, if this is along side a new album release, or a re-release of ‘On Your Radar’ only time will show.

Una celebrates her 30th with Family

Nothing wrong with being 30! @UnaHealy celebrated her 30th birthday with family in Dublin whilst her other half, Ben Foden, and his team mates crashed out of the Rugby World Cup after loosing to France.

‘I’m actually quite enjoying the not drinking because you know what? One thing I don’t miss is hangovers. I can tell you that for sure.

‘For anyone who is thinking of giving up drink – it’s not actually that bad.

‘You can get on with your life and get on doing things and not have that awful headache the next day. ‘I’m quite enjoying that to be honest.

‘And when you’re pregnant, for some reason you don’t even want to drink. It’s almost like a natural kind of reaction.’


Una: “My Ben missed Meteors”


Una Healy’s boyfriend Ben Foden was due to make a romantic trip to Dublin this morning — after being forced to cancel a Meteors’ date with the Saturdays star.

But the hunky rugby player could spend just three hours with the flame-haired pop-star.

The loved-up beauty explained how her boyfriend was due in at 9am this morning in order to spend some quality time with her, but had to leave just three hours later.

Ben had been due to accompany Una to the Meteor Awards at the RDS, where she presented an award alongside TV3 weatherman Martin King last night.

However, the couple had to put their date night on hold when the Northampton and England rugby union player had to stay in London for a training session.

Wearing a striking ballerina-style green dress from Lara boutique, the Tipperary beauty explained how she was disappointed to have to come to the event solo, but was looking forward to spending some time with her hunky partner this morning.

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Una Explains Dublin Gig.

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Source: Herald.ie

Tipperary beauty Una Healy, from The Saturdays, has defended her band’s decision to play just two songs while in Dublin for a promotional gig last week.

The singer jetted into town with her bandmates for a much-hyped appearance at the launch of the new Xbox Lips at The Good Bits venue on Wednesday.

However, fans were left disappointed when the girls performed just two of their hit songs, generating negative press coverage the next day.

Flame-haired Una has since hit back, claiming that the group does not play more than two or three songs at promotional gigs, to ensure they sell-out tour dates.

According to the Thurles native: “The thing is when we do a show like that, it’s not an actual gig.

“If you come to our tour, we do an hour-and-a-half set, with the music, the dancing, the band and everything.

“But when we’re launching a product, it’s like a personal appearance.

“For example, when we played Childline we just did three tracks, the same as everyone else. That’s just the norm,” she added.

Una, who has shot to fame since joining the girl group three years ago, went on to explain how she tries to avoid reading press about the group.

Instead, the 28-year-old’s mum collects all the press clippings.

“When I go home at Christmas I’ll have to read them all.

“You shouldn’t really read all the press. It’s really nice to read the positive stuff but I don’t think you should focus too much on it.

“I think it’s better to just get on with what you’re doing,” she added.

Una has just bought a new house in London and is planning to move into the place with her rugby star boyfriend, Ben Foden, in January.

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– Lorna Nolan

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