All Fired Up at …. Dance Rehearsals

This weeks @TheSaturdays video sees the girls at this weeks dance rehearsals for their forthcoming shows. We see Vanessa discuss dry lips, Mollie discussing juicy apples and dancing footwear and forgetting dance routines! The girls also discuss Una and new baby Aoife plus Rochelle gets all wedding-y …. Β As always you can view this video at their official websiteΒ – go forth and enjoy! πŸ™‚

All Fired Up At… Our Sport Relief Sock Shoot

Continuing our posts for Sport Relief! The latest flip is of the girls at their photoshoot for the charity… It’s a rather glamorous ‘sock shoot’, but since it’s the only thing they’re wearing they can pull it off can’t they?! πŸ˜‰ In support of the girls and Sport Relief, get yourself a pair because the money will go to a good cause! Watch the latest flip on their official site now! πŸ™‚

All Fired Up At… Tickled Pink Gig

As promised! @TheSaturdays take us behind the scenes of their first gig in the New Year, and it was for a good charity as well so if you went: go you!! This flip isn’t as much about the gig as it is about Una’s baby growing inside her belly… Apparently there’s 2 more months to go – well good luck Una! Although it might be at the safest place there, Mollie seems very keen to have it … As always you can catch the flip on their official site, there’s also 2 parts of the ‘The Best Of 2011’ flips up there to see what they were up to last year (and that’s a lot!). If you want to see those I think you’ll need to sign up if you haven’t already!

[Updated] All Fired Up At… Wembley Arena!!

Need to get this as a New Year’s promise or something to put a post up weekly for these flips! THIS week’s however – which is viewable on http://www.thesaturdays.co.uk/ – is a bit special as it includes Matt at some point! Those eagle eyed and aware of what he looks like might spot him, otherwise if you have been to the Wembley show you might spot yourselves as well!

I don’t want to completely embarrass him but 1 minute in you should be able to spot him… πŸ˜‰

Update: seems they are finally uploading the flips to YouTube themselves again … Catch the flip below! πŸ™‚

All Fired Up … On Your Radar

@thesaturdays new video is up on their official site where we see Una and Rochelle discuss the forthcoming tour, Una gives a tour of the new calendar and promotes fellow label mate Nicola Roberts ..

Next week we will see the album artwork and the preorder information but it seems HMV have let slip that they will be selling HMV Exclusive sleeved versions of the album – one for each girl. We imagine that the official site will be selling the signed copies, and there is the chance that iTunes might come with exclusive tracks (as pre-order bonuses or as a ‘deluxe version’) too .. but everything should be explained next week.

Remember the new single, My Heart Takes Over is released on November 14th, with the new album On Your Radar released on November 21st.

Saturdays: News/video round-up

As I suddenly found so much news to post… Here’s a round-up of things to check out or look forward to. Firstly, as ever on the Saturday morning, check out the new flip (with new intro!) on their official site: All Fired Up At… Our Video Shoot.

Secondly, kind as our girls are, they’ve given us “All Fired Up” – The Extended Remix! Hit play on the video below and get “All Fired Up”! (I’m going to keep that word joke going for a while yet I think!)

Thirdly (are you still there?) there’s some MORE TV promo to look forward to! Check out the list below. And as ever, don’t panic if you can’t catch it, you’ll know where to find it, right? … *points at site URL*
31/08 ITV1-This Morning (Performance) @ 10.30am
04/09 BBC2-Something For The Weekend (Interview) @ 10am
05/09 ITV1-Alan Titchmarsh (Performance) @ 3pm
10/09 Ch4-Super Saturday (Performance) @ 11am and 9pm

And no, we have not forgotten… Of course we know today there are 3 TV appearances as well! Matt will not be able to get any videos up until Sunday evening because he’s off to the Townsley gig today! I will however, if I can find anything, get videos up as they come along. And if there’s nothing recent, luck of the draw has it they’ve been (involved in) those 3 TV Shows before… Can you guess where I’m going yet?!

Stay tuned to The-Saturdays.co.uk …

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