Ghosthunting With The Saturdays

The Saturdays have topped the charts but how will they fare when they delve into the dark abyss of the deep unknown in three truly horrifying UK locations.

The host of Ghosthunting Withโ€ฆ Yvette Fielding, who has been at all the forefront of countless paranormal adventures, invites The Saturdays on a trip to hell and back in an attempt to transcend our mortal barrier and make contact with whoever or whatever lies on the other side.

The Saturdays band members, Frankie Sandford, Una Healy, Mollie King, Vanessa White and Rochelle Wiseman accompany Yvette for the scariest night of their lives. The girls visit three equally terrifying locations, nestled within the Welsh mountains; the clock tower, the manor and the kitchen block. As if performing before millions of fans was not scary enough, The Saturdays are about to embark upon a night they will never forget!

The first location of the night is the kitchen block. The girls will visit a host of terrifying settings including the cellar, the kitchen and the haunted bedroom. In each of these areas there have been countless reports of strange sightings, the sounds of chatter coming from empty rooms, cooking smells coming from an empty kitchen, and reported ghostly sightings. What will happen when the pop starlets are wrenched from their glamorous life and plunged headfirst into the deep, dark world of the paranormal investigation?
The second ghostly hot spot is the eerie clock tower, which was constructed using beams taken from an ill fated ship. The tower is rumoured to be haunted by a restless spirit of a suicide victim and anyone who enters is confronted by his hostile presence. But will the girls be able to withstand the guaranteed shocks and frights when it all gets a bit personal?

The final destination of the evening is the manor. The girls will visit the foreboding first floor landing which has been noted as having the most paranormal activity in the building. Next up is the surgery room which was used by the Red Cross for injured soldiers during the first world war and finally the attic where the tormented spirit is said to sway back and forth in an old rocking chair. Strangely, it is said that female entertainers who would perform at the Manor for the former owner complained of being harassed by an evil presence.

Join ITV2 as one of the nationโ€™s most loved girl bands embarks upon a ghost busting trip of a lifetime. Will The Saturdays manage to spend an entire night at their eerie locations and will they accept the spooky challenges Yvette brings their way?

Source: Primetime Unreality TV

You can catch this on TV 8 November from 9-11pm next Monday on ITV2, but if you can’t we’ll probably have it up and running on the site the day after or so ๐Ÿ™‚
Lots of TV promo coming up this week already too starting tomorrow, of course Matt will catch this all but you can check the upcoming appearances here!

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