Disco Love on Stepping Out

Here it is, the moment you’ve (and I’ve) been waiting for, its the first performance of Disco Love, on the ITV1 show Stepping Out.


As always tell us what you thought of it via twitter @TheSatsCoUk, please also refrain from downloading this and reuploading it to your own accounts, there are plenty of video links and methods to use, and it’s even on our own YouTube account for you to watch it there! (Sorry Youtube have blocked it, and its a worldwide block!) If you do embed the video please link back to us www.the-saturdays.co.uk

The Saturdays on Lorraine

This morning the girls hit the ITV studios to appear on Breakfast TV show ‘Lorraine’ the girls had a brief chat with Lorraine and then performed their new single Gentleman, which is OUT NOW! You can watch it all below in lovely HD quality (of course!) 🙂

Performance – Gentleman

Or watch on our youtube here


Or watch on our youtube here

Gentleman is out now, so pick up a copy on iTunes and if you have a spare bit of change in your pocket why not pick up a few remixes too? As always feel free to use our videos, use the embed links on vimeo or youtube for your own sites, please link back to us at www.the-saturdays.co.uk. Many thanks 🙂

This Morning – Interview & Performance

This Morning the girls visited, This Morning, to talk about and perform their new single, which is OUT NOW in Ireland! You can catch the interview and performance below. Let us know what you thought via the twitter, this is the first performance of the song as a 5-piece as Rochelle has returned to the group 🙂

Performance – Gentleman

Alternative Link via our YouTube


Alternative Link via our YouTube

As always, we request that if you use this video on your own website/blog/tumblr etc. please just use the embed link on vimeo or youtube. Please refrain from downloading it and uploading it to your own accounts. Please link back to www.the-saturdays.co.uk Thanks 🙂

‘My Heart Takes Over’ on Daybreak

@thesaturdays – minus @FrankieTheSats – hit Daybreak this morning to promote the new single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ you can catch the videos – in high definition – below:

Performance – My Heart Takes Over

Brief Chat

‘My Heart Takes Over’ is still NOT Top 10 on iTunes, (believe it or not, we need to nearly ‘double’ the sales its getting now to get it there!!)

Let’s all pull together get it there and keep it there until Sunday, and do it for Frankie!! Spread the word and keep buying!! buy My Heart Takes Over – iTunes (£1.99) also pick it up from Amazon My Heart Takes Over – Amazon MP3 (£1.69). The remixes are also available My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – Amazon MP3 – £1.99 // My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – iTunes – £2.49 and the extended club remixes My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – Amazon MP3 – £5.34 // My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – iTunes – £5.94 – spread the links and get buying!!

Notorious Performance – Graham Norton Show [True HD]

Here’s another @TheSaturdays TV performance, this time on the Graham Norton Show, I’ve kept the performance and brief chat, and end part all as one file.
Please note that my lovely TV Card decided to go wrong right at the start of the performance, but I’m uploading it as its in lovely HD – I’ll replace this with a working HD file on Tuesday – the show is repeated on Monday night 🙂

They also appeared in a brief skit:

[Updated] Headlines Live! [True HD]

As promised last week @TheSaturdays Headlines Live! Show aired on Channel4 this morning, its the same video as I posted last week sadly, but this one is in far better quality, and is actually in TrueHD (not-made HD from a non-HD source) so maybe the tour will be released on bluray DVD too? Either way enjoy this viewing, its far better quality than the one last week! 🙂


This file is actually in sync for the whole video now! HD Capping is a new thing to me and it’s not gone as planned at all!

This file is captured by us – so if you embed this video on your own site, please give us a link back – it takes a lot of work to edit a HD file over a standard one – so please give us a link back, I really don’t want to put ugly tags on HD files and ruin it – thanks 🙂


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