What The Saturdays Song has influnced you?

We are trying to put together an The Saturdays ultimate poll, every song to pick from, you simply vote for your favourite five.

Songs that might have an effect on your life, give you that certain memory, songs that just simply make you smile, or get up and dance, or even shed a tear. Whatever the reason vote for your favourite five songs and you can also enter our prize draw to win some goodies!

Sounds good? We hope so, so head over to our voting page

Please share the link on social media, facebook etc. The more votes we get, the more accurate the poll is. Sadly as of now we’ve not had enough votes to even make the poll worth publishing so please vote and share!!

Favourite Music Video – Round 3

Our snap poll for @TheSaturdays favourite music video continues. The results for the third round of voting was:

1. Higher (39%)
2. Missing You (31%)
3. All Fired Up (18%)
4. My Heart Takes Over (12%)

We have taken the top 2 from all the polls and will put these up against each other in two semi-finals! The new poll is up now so get voting #TeamSats!

Favourite Music Video – Round 2

Our snap poll for @thesaturdays Favourite Music video, Round 2, is now over, you have spoken and the results are:

1.  Notorious (45%)
2.  Ego (36%)
3.  Just Can’t Get Enough (13%)
4.  Up (6%)

We will put Notorious and Ego up against Work and Forever Is Over which one Round 1 soon, but first we need to vote for the next 4 videos. New poll is up on the right hand side, might be a trickyy one this so take care, you can only pick one video!

Results next Friday and the battle of The Saturdays music videos continue!

Vote for your favourite single from Wordshaker/Headlines

Our poll for your favourite single from @TheSaturdays Chasing Lights album is now closed, our visitors chose:

1. Work (66 Votes)
2. Up (55 Votes)
2. Issue s (55 Votes)
4. Just Can’t Get Enough (33 Votes)
5. If This Is Love (21 Votes)

The next poll is up, pick your favourite single from Workshaker/Headlines. The winners of this poll will go up against Work, Up and Issues to find the ultimate favourite Saturdays single 🙂

What would you like to see on The-Saturdays.Co.Uk?

Were asking the public, what do you want to see in the next few months? Please select an option. You may do this more than once.


This poll will close on Saturday at 10:00 London Time. This is one of the very few service polls we do. Speak up, or forever hold your peace.