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Vanessa’s alcohol dependance.


Good Monday Morning! Hope you all had a good weekend, I was up the Emirates Stadium yesterday catching the Arsenal game, so I start today with Vanessa’s chat with The Sun’s fabulous magazine:

Vanessa White has revealed that she battled with a drinking problem that threatened to destroy her and her band The Saturdays.

Speaking to Sunday’s Fabulous magazine, the 24-year-old confessed that her dependence on alcohol left her depressed.

She revealed: “My life started to spin out of control in 2010 and it was a dreadful year.

“I’d be out every night. I went to G.A.Y., mainly because I didn’t want to be hassled by men and just wanted to drink.

“I drank vodka mainly but, to be honest, I drank anything. It massively affected the band and I felt lonely and depressed.”

Her drinking got so bad that it also threatened to ruin her career due to the effect it was having on her vocals.

She continued: “I didn’t know who I was underneath everything I was supposed to be. I’d arrive for work every morning hungover, then my voice started to go.

“I’d have to ask Una to cover my solos.”

In 2011 her problem reached crisis point and it was band mate Rochelle Humes who finally came to her rescue.

She said: “One night, I called Rochelle in a state.

“She told me to come to hers and I stayed with her for two weeks, not drinking, and eating properly. It made me realise I had to stop.”

I admit I didn’t grab the paper yesterday and The Sun is sadly a website that sits behind a paywall, so if you bought it and are willing to scan it for us to share with everyone then please e-mail them over to us 🙂

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Saturdays’ record label want to sue The Sun

The Saturdays’ record label bosses are preparing to sue editors at U.K. tabloid The Sun after they falsely linked British singer Frankie Sandford to Cheryl Cole’s estranged husband Ashley.

Sandford was alleged to have embarked on a romance with England soccer ace Ashley Cole following his split from the Fight For This Love hitmaker in February (10).

The publication claimed The Saturdays star had spent several nights at the sportsman’s home in the last few weeks.

Sandford shot down the report on Monday (04Apr10), insisting she had never even met Ashley.

She wrote on her page, “Really upset and angry by the story in The Sun. Can’t believe they can just print something that’s not true. I’ve never even met the man.”

Now executives at her record label Fascination have revealed they are seeking advice from lawyers about the report.

In a post on the Fascination Twitter blog on Monday, they wrote, “The story about Frankie in The Sun today is not true. She has never met him. We cannot say anymore as we are taking legal action.”

Cheryl walked out on Ashley Cole after he was alleged to have cheated on her with five different women.

source: postchronical

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Saturdays star denies Sheringham rumours

Forget our previous post, Rochelle denies it all… Digitalspy tells you:

Wednesday, February 24 2010, 19:28 GMT

By Oli Simpson

Saturdays star denies Sheringham rumours

Rochelle Wiseman has laughingly dismissed rumours that she is dating Teddy Sheringham.

According to The Sun, the Saturdays singer was spotted on a dinner date with the former footballer at an Italian restaurant in Essex yesterday.

However, Wiseman this afternoon took to her Twitter to deny the reports.

She wrote: “Are you kidding me?!! Teddy F-ing Sheringham he is my mothers age, some people lie for a living! I am peeing with laughter!”

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