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Next Single Incoming

Maybe that rumoured March date wasn’t far off.

The main story is that this evening it was confirmed that the girls had the fitting for the shoot for their next single, it was later confirmed that the video is being shot next week – so we should know sooner rather than later what is actually being released. Most people are expecting ‘Not Giving Up’ to be the next single lifted from Living For The Weekend, mainly due to it (probably) being one of the stronger songs on the album, plus its been ‘album only’ for an age on iTunes to stop people potentially buying it before it’s actual release.

Obviously all this could mean nothing and something else is being released, but we shall know more in the coming week on what is actually happening.

Behind the scenes with Mollie at “All Fired Up” video shoot

@MollieTheSats just hit 20k likes on her Facebook fanpage which means her behind the scenes at the “All Fired Up” video shoot has been unveiled – you can catch Frankie’s and Una’s here – remember to hit the ‘like’ button on Rochelle’s and Vanessa’s Facebook pages, they’re still quite a bit off so we need everybody to help out! 🙂 Catch Mollie’s behind the scenes below.


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