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[Updated] All Fired Up At… Wembley Arena!!

Need to get this as a New Year’s promise or something to put a post up weekly for these flips! THIS week’s however – which is viewable on http://www.thesaturdays.co.uk/ – is a bit special as it includes Matt at some point! Those eagle eyed and aware of what he looks like might spot him, otherwise if you have been to the Wembley show you might spot yourselves as well!

I don’t want to completely embarrass him but 1 minute in you should be able to spot him… 😉

Update: seems they are finally uploading the flips to YouTube themselves again … Catch the flip below! 🙂

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All Fired Up in London!

@TheSaturdays move their way down to the capital city this afternoon as the All Fired Up Tour hits London’s Wembley Arena.

This is our final show of the tour, and I also have a Meet & Greet with the girls, which shall be nice, we will also do a bit of twitter reporting if the old faithful iPhone works!

We wish the best to everyone going tonight, and have a great show, we will surely say hi if we bump into anyone we know!

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All Fired Up Tour – Wembley change

Thanks to those who have brought this to my attention. It seems a few people this morning have had e-mails saying their seats for the Wembley Arena show have been changed. A look on Ticketmaster reveals a new seating chart, that suggests the stage has been moved forward into the venue, as shown below:

They are now using the back blocks (which in previous seating pictures had been shaded out) – does this stage/layout change suggest the London show is being recorded for potential future release? Just from a TV perspective it will look better if the whole venue is being used – rather than the empty blocks that where appearing on the previous seating chart.

Rest assured if you have got the e-mail you are no further away from the stage than you where previously, as the stage has been moved forward 🙂

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