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We are alive, promise! It’s just silly time, where members are seemingly saying they aren’t going solo, and then 3 hours later are posting pictures from recording studios … magical all this and its not a case of Black Magic (we hope!)

Anyway, here’s a post that celebrates how decent Wildfire actually is …

Still one of the best parts of the tour too!

Rochelle returns!

Hey all! Hope you are all doing great and well, and that you have summer! (If you are in the Northern part of the world anyway!) Just don’t ask us in the UK about summer …

It’s all gone a little quiet again, as the girls, rest(?), and get ready for the big Gentleman promo push, hopefully the TV information will start filtering in shortly and we will update you on that accordingly.

As you are probably aware, Rochelle has returned to the group now, so hopefully she will do some TV promo/performances with the rest of the girls as they release Gentleman in under two weeks now! To kick off promo Mollie is on BBC Radio 1 this weekend, doing another Surgery session, almost excatly a year later than her last, she must book these things in advance, so make sure you tune in to that!

Rochelle and Marvin (and THAT buggy) have also been out and about, not sure why the paps decide to take photographs of a family walking around is beyond me, but I’ve added a couple of the pictures below, the couple also enjoyed a night out! I know its hardly breaking/exciting news, but everything will kick up a few gears soon … 🙂

Wildfire – B-Side to ‘Gentleman’

If you needed an excuse to pre-order the Gentleman CD or via iTunes you now have it. Not a fan of Gentleman, then THIS will convince you to pre-order!

The b-side that is available on the CD or via pre-ordering via iTunes can now be heard above. Wildfire is written by The Saturdays and The Alias and produced by The Alias (Not That Kinda Girl, Lady Killer, Move On U).

Remember this is ONLY available if you pre-order Gentleman via iTunes or buy the signed CD, links on the right! Tell us what you think of the song via @TheSatsCoUk on Twitter or on facebook.

Order pre-order from HERE and grab the signed CD from here – Gentleman (and Wildfire) is released in just 15 days, June 30th!

The day after Gentleman

As expected – well as I expected anyway – today the media is full of ‘reviews’ of Gentleman and its split everyone right down the middle it seems. I won’t post links to every review out there but reviews have been really good, or really bad (Everyone has their opinion) but I can’t seem to find a ‘it’s ok’ sort of review.

CapitalFM has taken comments from online social networking and claiming its ‘pure genius’ – they also seem to be playing it a lot already, whatever you might think of Capital on a personal level its good to have one of the major UK networks (seemingly) already on board, lets hope Radio 1 join in too and get it A-Listed again!

The Sun on the other hand seem to pick out the ‘worse’ comments from social networking – which is the other end of the spectum. As I said everyone is entitled to their own opinions and a song like this will split opinions across the board.

Listen to the song below and tweet us @TheSatsCoUk and vote in our poll below (see to the right) and tell us what YOU think about this new song. Also make sure you hit up the pre-order links on the right too!

Update: Here’s Mollie on Capital the other day talking about Gentleman ahead of its premiere on CapitalFM:

Gentleman Revealed! – Now with Lyric video

Remember to tell us what you think via our twitter @TheSatsCoUk and we will RT the best (or worst) comments we get! Also make sure you PRE-ORDER the song from iTunes. By pre-ordering the song you get the b-side ‘Wildfire’ as a pre-ordering bonus! Go go go!!

As you have probably heard the girls new single has ‘leaked’ it’s way onto the Internets, you won’t here it here before any official youtube link is put up tomorrow, but until then the official Universal Music Store has jumped the gun:

Gentleman is set to be released on 30th June 2013. The signed CD is now up for pre-order on the site which includes the band new b-side Wildfire

Remember the official premiere of the song is TOMORROW at 7.45am!! Remember when you have heard the song to vote for it in our poll, just scroll down, its on the right hand side of the page 🙂


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