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The Saturdays on Perez Hilton, Street Team & More …

The Saturdays have made their way onto the blogger Perez Hiton’s website, make sure you pop over and leave a few (nice) comments about the group!

The Saturdays official site are asking people to join their street team:

re you a Saturdays’ superfan? Do you want to help promote the girls and get them to Number One? Do you want the chance to win exclusive prizes?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all of the above, then here’s your chance as we’re looking for some of the biggest Saturdays fans to join our brand new street team.

Just email and put ‘Saturdays’ in the subject header.

Nokia Green Room

The Saturdays made their UK TV debut this afternoon on the Nokia Green Room!

If This Is Love:


Backstage Clip 1:


Frankie Blogs – “A Word from Frankie” 1

Ok so the Girls Aloud tour is now finished and you’ll be seeing a lot more of the girls!!

Check out this blog from the official myspace…


A Word from Frankie

Hey guys!

It was so sad to finish the tour! We had such a good time, but all good things must come to an end! Except in The Saturdays world! Lol. Cheesy…yet true!

We had four days off which was awesome! I missed everyone so much, and my bed. I’ve been catching up with my friends. I don’t think I have stayed in once! Just doing normal things like going to the cinema and sitting in with the girls! And of course some dancing!

We’re just getting ready to start our promotion for the single, we can’t wait for more people to know who we are and to get the single out there! Don’t worry we’ll keep you up dated on what to watch out for! There are some great things coming up that we are so excited about, so don’t miss it!

I tell you what for teenagers/adults we do tend to act like 6 year olds! Ha. I don’t know what it is about dance rehearsals but we always get the giggles! I’m pretty sure Rochelle is normally the instigator too! I don’t know how our choreographer puts up with us! Also, the problem is we all have blackberries or sidekicks and we use them as our mics. As you can imagine the minute one of us receives gossip all the concentration goes out the window! Obviously we work really hard too!! Haha. :-/

Anyway I have to go to sleep. I promised myself an early night…its 1am already damn it! We have rehearsals for our 1st ever TV appearance tomorrow!!!! Wooooooooo!!!


Love you all

Frankie xxxx

Mollie Blogs – “Mollie’s Birthday Boom!!!”

It was Mollie’s 21st birthday yesterday!! And she left a blog telling us all about her day…

Mollie The Saturdays


Mollie’s Birthday Boom!!!

The big 2-1 has arrived!!

I woke up with Ness and she sang me happy birthday in bed, hehehe i love her! Then we all went down to breakfast and opened my birthday cards – it was so exciting to have actually got some from some fans – like Jenny who waited outside for me in Cardiff!! Thank you all so much!! So, after that we started discussing how actually i would like a party (a bit late i know!), but Rochelle has agreed to be the official party planner, hehe, who better to organise a fun evening for me – balloons, music, and delicious food – she is the queen of it all!! Then the girls then took me up to their room and gave me a pressie!!! It is the most gorgeous perfume, (you might have seen me on the video trying to findone, but i had no luck!) So they came to my rescue and bought me Rockand Rose Couture! It is in THE most beautiful bottle and smells sooooogood! I kept spraying it alllll day, our poor driver must have gone home smelling of it, hehe!!! They also gave me some strawberry shoe laces!! (i have a feeling you slipped those in Frank hehe!!)

My family then came up to see me at the hotel in Birmingham!! It was SUCH a lovely surprise! I had no idea they were coming!! They brought me a cookie cake and my mum had made me a photo album full of photos of me growing up and messages from my friends. It is so cute, i love it so much! My sisters gave me my very own Flip video camera, so now I will be filming allllll the time!! Woo!!!!… Watch out Steven Spielberg!!!

It was then time to head off to the NEC and start sound checking etc, for the last time!! Boo hoo!!! but then I got THE best surprise – Girls Aloud came to sing happy birthday to me in our dressing room!!! i felt like THE luckiest girl!!! Who gets Girls Aloud singing happy birthday to them on their birthday!! WOW!!! The Saturdays were laughing at me soooo much afterwards, saying how red i went and how i had THE biggest smile on my face, hehe, oops, how UNCOOL!!! I absolutely loved it though!! They are such sweet girls!! We couldn’t possibly have gone on tour with a nicer band!!! They really made everything so special!!

Before the performance we all gave each other a high-five for the last time (something you probably won’t be surprised to hear i started, and now have to do EVERY night without fail before we go on stage, for good luck!), and then we had a group hug and said how proud we were of each other!! We busted our moves out and gave it our all, but not only that, Una completely unexpectedly told the whole NEC that it was my birthday and got everyone in the arena to sing Happy Birthday to me!!! It was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Una!!! I will never ever forget that!!!!

We then went to watch Girls Aloud’s show, which as i’m sure i’ve already said to you is UNBELIEVABLE, and then afterwards went to the wrap party!! It was so much fun! Such a great evening and Girls Aloud looked absolutely stunning.

Us Sats put on our party frocks and laughed and chatted the night away, and it was lovely for us go out together, not only because it was the end of the tour, but also to celebrate my 21st! A huge thank you to everyone who made my birthday such a special one and for all the birthday wishes on the forum!! Thank you so much!!!

Birthday kisses from the 21 year old!

Mollie blogs ….

Mollie The Saturdays

Today we arrived in SUCH a cool city!!…Ok I’ll give you 3 clues.

Their home football kit is red and they’re very successful, Take That came from here (trust me to know that!), AND one of my best friends comes from here (ok so that one doesn’t really help!).. But I’m sure you’ve guessed it, yes, Manchester!!! I’m having such a good time here!!! Frankie and I got up nice and early, shot down to breakfast and hit the shops!! After having spent wayyy too much money (oops i hope my bank manager isn’t reading this!!) Frank took me to Yo Sushi!!! OH. MY. GOD. it is soooooo cool!!! I’d never been there before but we had a blast!!! We chatted about ALL sorts – like how it would be good to come here on a date, about all our new clothes, and about everything that’s happened on the tour… We were grabbing dishes left, right and centre and ordering all sorts of weird things!!

I really really loved it, ten brownie points to you there Frankie!!

Good choice! . Believe it or not, I enjoyed it so much Rochelle and I went out for some pan Asian food later on!!

I’m now back in the hotel room, tucked up in bed thinking about whether to go back into this amazing city or whether that’ll be a bit dangerous with all these tempting shops around! I’m just thinking about last night’s show! It was SO great, the audience were amazing, so supportive, but unfortunately Frank’s mic pack didn’t work so she had to walk off stage and get it fixed!! It was horrible looking at the band and seeing one member missing, I was like “ahhh where’s she gone!!!” The arena was absolutely MASSIVE!! I can’t wait to perform there again tonight!!

I cant believe the tour is nearly over now! I really don’t want it to end!! Every morning at the moment I wake up and think “yes! I’m performing tonight!” I’m going to miss it so much!! I feel like I have been the luckiest girl in the world! I guess we’ll just have work hard enough to make sure we have our own tour one day!! WOW!! I’m looking forward to seeing my family back at home though, and giving my dog a big squeeze, yeyy!!

Anyway I probably won’t get a chance to do another blog on tour unfortunately, so until next time guys.. thanks for all your support!!

– you have been unbelievable!!!

Mwah mwah mwah