Get ready ‘to spice up your life’ version 2.0

Fri, 07 Aug 2009 10:29p.m.

By Joseph Durie

If you thought the “Spice Girl” phenomenon was dead, think again.

A new British girl-band called “The Saturdays” are taking the world by storm, with their shameless pop album Chasing Lights, and with their long legs, and raunchy videos.

The girls say they are not models who can sing. In fact, all five have been performers all their lives, either at theatre schools or doing live gigs. Shame all that training did not include media interviews

Could these shameless pop princesses fill the pop void left by the spice girls last decade?

The Saturdays are making all the right moves, winning awards and performing with boy bands.

With their model good looks, catchy tunes, and a second album already recorded, but not yet released – The Saturdays are unstoppably on their way in.

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