The Saturdays confess to diva strops

Sunday, August 9 2009, 17:02 BST

By Daniel Kilkelly, Entertainment Reporter

The Saturdays confess to diva strops

The Saturdays have admitted that they are known to behave like divas when things annoy them.

Bandmember Una Healy, 27, revealed that she makes her feelings known if she doesn’t receive high standards of service when eating out.

She told Celebs On Sunday: “I’m most diva-like in a restaurant – if I get put on a table that’s too close to someone else, or it’s not in the area with the nicest lighting. I’ve been known to walk out before.”

Meanwhile, her fellow singer Frankie Sandford, 20, confessed that she saves her outspoken antics for her relationship with McFly star Dougie Poynter.

“I think girls are always a bit diva-ish with their boyfriends,” she explained. “Me and Dougie keep getting pictured with him carrying loads of bags. It’s like: ‘He’s a gentleman, he carries my bags’.”

The girls recently made headlines after allegedly threatening to go on strike following a dispute with their record label.

Source: Digitalspy

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